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The UK cost of obesity-related illness is likely to rise to £24bn per year by 2025. NHS chief executive Simon Stevens has already warned that obesity threatens to bankrupt the health service. UK air pollution causes 40,000 early deaths per year, with 70% of that pollution coming from road traffic, in particular diesel fumes.

There has never been a greater need for transport and public health teams to collaborate on practical plans for long-term improvement in sustainable travel, health and wellbeing.  

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) has released new research revealing the air in 44 cities in the UK contains more pollutants than is considered safe by the World Health Organisation (WHO).  The research recommends that the Government should take immediate measures to invest in active travel, such as cycling and walking, and other sustainable modes of transport like electric vehicles and public transport.  Currently ambient air pollution causes approximately 40,0000 premature deaths and over 6 million sick days at an estimated societal cost of £22.6bn per year.  

The Transport & Health Summit 2018 will showcase the quality sustainable travel infrastructure and behaviour change initiatives that are incentivising active travel choices, reductions in poor air quality and noise pollution and how to encourage physical activity. 

It will show how local authorities, practitioners and communities are making the most of significant new opportunities for closer collaboration between transport planning, public health and regeneration professionals in order to: Improve health; Deliver economic growth; Benefit the environment and influence greater uptake in active travel.





Following advice from Hampshire Constabulary, we have had to take the difficult decision to abandon Day 2 of the Transport + Health Summit.

Regional travel conditions have worsened to the point of being unsafe, and the event venue will not open tomorrow on grounds of risk to health and safety.

Under these conditions, it is our duty to abandon the second day of the event and avoid unnecessary travel and exposure to risk.

There is a now an urgent 'business need' for local authorities to deliver high quality sustainable transport measures that enable healthier lifelstyles and demonstrate cost-effective good practice

Transport + Health 2018 is the place to learn from local authorities, specialist consultants, stakeholders and change-makers who are delivering successful sustainable transport initiatives, and to pick up new ideas, inspiration and intelligence to take home and deliver in your own context.

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Exhibiting at Transport + Health 2018 ensures a place for your organisation at the UK's largest gathering of sustainable transport and public health practitioners.

The two-day event provides the only direct route to this entire network of budget holders responsible for the planning and provision of the full range of sustainable transport initiatives, along with their peers in public health.

Transport + Health 2018 Conference Programme

Find out more at Transport + Health 2018, where experts in the fields of public health and transport will provide practical blueprints for change: 

Transport & Health 2018 - 2 March Abandoned

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Transport + Health 2018, Portsmouth
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Transport + Health 2018, Portsmouth



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