Cllr Donna Jones Angela van der Kloof Lucy Saunders

Cllr Donna Jones 

Portsmouth City Council 

Donna was born and raised in Portsmouth. She attended Northern Parade Infant School and StamshawJunior School before attending Ditcham Park School. She took three A-levels at Havant College before being offered a place at Cardiff University.

Angela van der Kloof

Senior Consultant 

Angela van der Kloof works as senior consultant and cycling expert for Mobycon, an international traffic. mobility and transport consultancy based in the Netherlands and Canada. As a geographer, educator and specialist in adult learning, Angela has specialized in cycling, traffic safety and education, working in sustainable mobility for over 25 years. Her passion is challenging and supporting people to think differently. Working within the Netherlands and abroad, Angela has continued to inspire innovation in bicycle policy and planning. She has also developed programs for schools, children and refugees in cycling, traffic safety and public transit. Together with her colleagues she works on bringing the best of Dutch bicycling, and the lessons learned, to cities around the world. With the aim to positively contribute to creating happy road users. Angela delivers workshops, lectures and trainings to Citymakers (policy makers, planners, local consultants, advocates), mainly in Europe and North-America. 

Lucy Saunders 

Public Health Specialist - Transport & Public Realm
Transport for London 

Lucy Saunders developed the Healthy Streets Approach which is the overarching framework for the Mayor of London’s 25 year Transport Strategy.  She has worked with TfL for the past 5 years delivering their multi-award winning Health Action Plan. She is now leading the embedding of the Healthy Streets Approach in London including roll-out of the Healthy Streets Toolkit across organisations in London. Lucy is a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health, she has worked across all areas of public health before specialising in transport and public ream.  

Pam Turton Dr.Jason Horsley Adrian Davis

Pam Turton

Assistant Head of Transport & Environment 
Portsmouth City Council 

Pam Turton is the Assistant Director for Transport, Environment and Business Support at Portsmouth City Council.

In 2002 Pam joined Cambridgeshire County Council as a graduate trainee, and undertook a MSc in Transport from Imperial College.  From there, she held a number of positions at Transport for London before joining Portsmouth City Council in 2009.

In her current role, Pam is responsible for Transport Planning and Policy, Road Safety and Active Travel, and Network Management.  Pam is a Registered Public Health Practitioner, and is building on the progress made in Portsmouth to further develop the links between transport and public health to deliver improved health outcomes.

Dr. Jason Horsley

Joint Director of Public Health 
Southampton City Council and Portsmouth City Council 

Dr Jason Horsley qualified in medicine in New Zealand in 1998. He worked in clinical medicine for a decade, predominantly in paediatrics, and held positions in New Zealand, Kenya, Australia, the UK and Uganda. He has been working in Public Health for the last ten years, moving to take up the post of joint director of Public Health for the Cities of Southampton and Portsmouth. Prior to this, Jason worked for the Department of Health, in the former Strategic Health Authorities and PCT’s (Primary Care Trusts) in the East of England and in South Yorkshire, and within the CCG’s and Local Authorities in South Yorkshire. He has also worked in academic settings undertaking research and teaching roles, most recently with the University of Sheffield, but he has also previously provided clinical teaching to medical students from the University of Cambridge and Mbarara University of Science and Technology in Uganda.

He has a master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Sheffield, a Degree in Medicine and Human Biology from Auckland university, and is a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health and member of the Association of Directors of Public Health. 

Adrian Davis 

Public Health Consultant
Bristol City Council 

A founding member of the Transport & Health Study Group (UK) in 1988, Adrian’s work has focused on the health impacts of road transport, the understanding of the importance of health by transport planners, and the application of science in selecting which policies and practices most support health enhancing travel behaviours. He authored the British Medical Association’s first Transport Policy report in 1997, and has drafted various reports for WHO on active travel and mobility.  In 2012/13 Adrian worked in the Dept for Transport’s Sustainable Transport Directorate to provide public health support on the economic evidence base for active travel and for Public Health England in 2015.

Adrian is the UK’s only health and transport specialist funded by a local authority and placed in a Transport Department – that of Bristol City Council. He provides translational research summaries to support officers access the best available research evidence. An Assistant Editor of the Journal of Transport and Health, Adrian was awarded an honorary Doctorate by the University of the West of England in 2015 in recognition of his ‘multi-disciplinary approach and collaboration on transport and health’. Adrian is a member of the Active Travel Board for the Welsh Government. In the literature addressing inter-sectoral collaboration Adrian would be described as a boundary spanner.

Julian Sanchez Florinda Boschetti Rupert Furness

Julian Sanchez

Project Lead and Policy Advisor
EU's PASTA Project &
London Borough of Newham 

Bio to follow...

Florinda Boschetti 

Senior Manager
Polis Network

Florinda Boschetti is Senior Manager at Polis, the leading network of European cities and regions working in the field of innovative technologies and policies for local transport. She leads Polis' thematic pillar on Environment and Health in Transport and coordinates the working groups on health and transport, and bikeshare. She also gives technical support to local authorities and fosters the exchange of best practice in several European projects. Before joining Polis, Florinda has worked for the European Cyclists’ Federation, and in the public sector in Italy. Florinda holds a PhD in sustainable transport planning, and a MSc in Urban, Environmental and Regional Planning from the Polytechnic University of Milan.


Rupert Furness 

Head of Active and Accessible Travel
Department for Transport 

Rupert Furness is the head of the Active and Accessible Travel team in the UK Department for Transport, where he is responsible for advising Ministers on policies to promote walking and cycling, as well as on how best to ensure that transport is genuinely accessible to all users. His previous posts in the Department for Transport have included heading the London Transport team; heading the Environment Strategy team; and managing the implementation of the UK’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation.  Before joining the DfT in 2003, he worked for a number of other Government Departments including the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and the Cabinet Office. 

Carl Petrokofsky Lucy Marstrand Becki Cox

Carl Petrokofsky

Specialist in Public Health 
Public Health England 

Carl is a Specialist in Public Health who joined Public Health England on its establishment on 1st April 2013. He works in a team leading on the wider determinants of health and health inequalities. He manages the ‘Healthy People, Healthy Places’ programme, focussing on how spatial planning of the built and natural environment and the design of housing, transport, the public realm  and access to green space can promote better health and wellbeing.

For many years previously, he worked for the Department of Health across South East England and nationally on a wide range of policy areas, particularly those concerned with improving the health and wellbeing of older adults.  From 2011, he led the development of the national Heatwave and Cold Weather Plans for England and the associated Warm Homes Healthy People fund initiatives.

Lucy Marstrand-Taussig

Transport Initiatives

Lucy is a transport consultant with around 18 years’ experience in design of either buildings or highways (both public and private sector) so has a rich design-based background influencing her approach to transport. She is an Associate at Transport Initiatives specialising in research, planning, and design for walking, cycling and place-making. She is also a committee member of the Road Danger Reduction Forum.

Her key area of interest is inclusive design - planning and designing roads suitable for children, the disabled, women and older people to walk or cycle. She’s particularly interested in how the built environment links to wider social equality issues and querying inherited engineering wisdom.

Becki Cox 

Principal Technical Advisor
Living Streets

Becki has worked in a variety of different roles, mostly with local authorities and not-for-profit organisations. With a background in Psychology and Urban Planning, she spent a couple of years developing her experience in planning policy at Great Yarmouth Borough Council and then Birmingham City Council before coming to Living Streets as their Principal Technical Advisor. Becki worked previously on the STDEP programme providing advice to LEPs on active travel interventions and is currently managing Living Streets’ involvement with the LCWIP project via a consortium of active travel organisations.

Becki has a particular interest in sustainability, equality, design, active travel, working with community groups and the interesting spaces where these aspects meet. She has also developed a very niche interest in pavements!

Martin Parreti Ben Spencer Richard Lewis

Martin Parretti

Principal Consultant

Martin completed a PhD in computational chemistry, in 2001.  After leaving university he dropped the chemistry, but carried on working in software. He then worked for a number of companies developing web-mapping and logistics solutions, before co-founding the start-up – a walking journey planner for towns and cities. 

Over the years, Martin has developed a number of novel software solutions related to walking journey planning and understanding walking networks.  He has worked extensively with spatial data – developing tools to capture it, refine it, process it and use it, and during the same time, has developed a very keen interest in the many issues walking relates to. 

Martin joined SYSTRA in August 2016, as part of the Movement and Place team, where he is applying his experience to understanding issues around how and why people walk around their towns and cities.

Ben Spencer

Research Fellow
Oxford Brookes University 

Ben is currently working on the Healthy Urban Mobility research project ( He has a background in urban design and community development having previously worked for CABE, a large Planning Consultancy, Sustrans and served as a Town Councillor. Ben’s research work has focused on gerontology, mobility, health and wellbeing and on designing healthy environments. He has a particular interest in using mixed-methods in research, his PhD examined the potential for creating Playful Public Places for Later Life and he used innovative mobile methods to understand older people’s experience of cycling as part of the cycle BOOM research project (

Richard Lewis 

Active Planning 

Richard Lewis is a spatial and transport planner with 17 years’ experience in the public, private and charitable sectors. He is passionate about harnessing the planning system to create places where people choose to travel actively for more of their journeys. His new consultancy, activeplanning works with all sectors to seize the opportunity to embed active planning from the outset of policy, strategy and masterplan preparation. Richard’s achievements include winning £30m to deliver RB Kingston’s mini-Holland bid and delivering the UK’s first Local Cycling and Walking Investment Plan. 

Giulio Ferrini Dominique Le Touze Simon Pratt

Giulio Ferrini

Senior Engineer

Since graduating from UCL with a MEng in Environmental Engineering, Giulio has gained a range of experience across the transport planning discipline. A senior engineer at Sustrans, he is particularly interested in the potential of active travel to transform cities and lives.

Giulio has undertaken independent research into the impact of segregated cycle lanes on property value in London and in 2017 was awarded the Transport Planning Society’s Bursary of the Year award for his research on integrated land use and transport planning in London.

Dominique Le Touze

Consultant in Public Health
Portsmouth City Council 

As a trained Public Health Specialist, Dominique is passionate about improving the public’s health and reducing health inequalities.  She is a Member of the Faculty of Public Health and an Associate Member of the Association of Directors of Public Health.  In her role in Portsmouth City Council, Dominique has been able to pursue her interest in adapting the built environment to foster positive behaviour change.  Effecting behaviour change through design, at a population as opposed to an individual level is an emerging area, using behavioural scientific techniques to promote the healthy choice as the default choice for the way we live and move around our cities.


Simon Pratt

Head of Network Development

Simon is responsible for the delivery of all of Sustrans’ built environment projects in the South and assists colleagues and partners with practical advice and support. He manages an experienced team of six staff, in partnership with local authorities and other organisations across the region. He project managed all the lottery funded Connect2 schemes in the South East, and a number of Links to Communities schemes. Simon has managed many miles of path construction work in the area - notably the Basingstoke Canal towpath in Woking, and the Egrets Way between Lewes and Newhaven. In recent years he has led Sustrans work on cycling strategies and urban cycle network design.

Prof. Roger Mackett Debbie Chase Megan Streb

Prof. Roger Mackett

Emeritus Professor of Transport Studies
University College London

Roger Mackett is Emeritus Professor of Transport Studies at University College London. He has researched into various aspects of transport policy including the barriers to access for older and disabled people, the use of the car for short trips and the effects of car use on children’s lives. He chairs the Transport Working Group of the Age Action Alliance and is a member of the Disabled Persons’ Transport Advisory Committee (DPTAC). He has published articles about the benefits of improving accessibility for older people, assessing the success of the policy of concessionary bus travel for older people and the health implications of inequalities in travel.

Debbie Chase 

Service Lead Public Health 
Southampton City Council 

Debbie Chase is Service Lead and Consultant in Public Health at Southampton City Council. She has worked for the Council for over 4 years. Her interests include giving children the best start in life and health protection. She is keen to strengthen links between academic and service based public health in conjunction with the University of Southampton. Debbie has supported the elected member lead and worked closely with environmental health and transport officers on the clean air agenda in Southampton since 2015. 

Megan Streb

Patnerships Manager

Since 2009, Megan Streb has worked on a number of community engagement and behaviour change projects, joining Sustrans in 2013 as part of the LSTF programme in Southampton to deliver a range of walking and cycling activities.

Megan currently works with local authorities across the Solent area to promote liveable spaces and increase rates of walking and cycling.  Megan covered the topic of Liveable Cities in a Tedx Talk in 2016. 

Ann Ballinger

Claire Upton - Brown

City Development Manager 
Portsmouth County Council 

Bio to follow...

Ann Ballinger 

Lead Modeller and Air Quality Expert

Ann has experience spanning over a decade in the application of environmental economic methodologies to assess the pollution impacts of products, processes, systems, and policy options. This appraisal experience has been widely used to support government bodies both nationally and internationally: she has recently commenced work for DG Environment reviewing the fitness of the ambient air directives, whilst prior work for NICE considered interventions local authorities could undertake to tackle pollution from road transport. Recent work with Sustrans saw the development of an innovative model appraising the changes in an individual’s exposure to pollution resulting from local active travel interventions.

Ben Taylor

Head of Transport & Infrastructure 
Government Office for Science 

Bio to follow...

Jess Read Lesley McAllister

Jess Read

Principal Transport Engineer
Witteveen+Bos UK 

Bio to follow...

Lesley McAllister 

Travel Choices Team
Warrington Borough Council 

Lesley McAllister is the Travel Choices Manager at Warrington Borough Council, working within the Transport Planning & Development Control team.

Responsibilities include managing the team of travel advisers developing and implementing workplace, school, residential and planning-related travel management plans, and the creation and promotion of active alternatives to car travel.  

In the past Lesley led on the behavioural change themes in Warrington’s LSTF programme, guided the production of Warrington’s popular cycle map, and from a standing start in 2007 has introduced Bikeability cycle training for every 10 year old in the borough (with a little help from the DfT’s training grant!).

Currently supporting the review and refresh of the borough’s transport strategy, Lesley leads on the travel choices and active travel themes in the Local Transport Plan and has become the lead liaison between transport and health policy.

Apart from an obvious interest in active travel, leisure activities include ski-ing and scuba diving, and keeping abreast of current affairs.

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