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Tom Van Vuren

Divisional Director, Mott MacDonald

Tom van Vuren has been Chairman of Modelling World since its inception in 2006. As his Twitter profile states, he is passionate about transport modelling and always on the look-out for better ways to collect data, enhance the efficiency of methods and improve accessibilty of model results. He holds an MSc from the University of Delft and a PhD from the Institute for Transport Studies and the University of Leeds. Tom is a Divisional Director at Mott MacDonald and a visiting Professor at the University of Leeds; and is a qualified Transport Planning Professional. 


Devrim Kara

Director, PTV Group UK

Devrim Kara is an experienced transport professional who has led the planning and design of major transport projects around the world. He delivered projects focusing on urban areas as well as regional and national transport networks. As the PTV Group Director for UK & Ireland, Devrim works closely with clients and professionals that use PTV Group software in developing effective, safe and balanced transport solutions globally. The PTV Group software is state-of-the-art and is used by professionals in more than 100 countries on innovative, intelligent and sustainable solutions that shape the future of transportation. 

Tim Veitch

CEO, Veitch Lister Consulting

Tim is Veitch Lister Consulting’s Chief Executive Officer. He has over 15 years of experience developing sophisticated transport models and the software within which they operate and is recognised within Australia as an industry leader in this field.

Tim’s primary area of expertise is the development and application of Zenith, VLC’s travel demand models for major metropolitan regions in Australia. He is also the author of public transport assignment software which is used extensively in the Netherlands. Tim has played key leadership roles in the transport modelling for numerous toll roads and public transport projects. Today, Tim continues to provide hands on technical leadership across many of VLC’s transport modelling and model development projects.

Jude Freeman

UK Director, Vectio Traffic Engineering

Currently a Director of Vectio in London Office, Jude has over 16 years specialist experience in civil engineering and transport, spanning across the Globe, from Europe to Africa, to the Middle-East. In collaboration with various teams, he has been privileged to lead and expedite a good number of international transport and infrastructure consultancy projects in countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, DR Congo, Kenya, Iraq and Qatar.

Accompanied by Jude’s background in project management, finance and risk his project experience have included; development masterplanning, transport scheme development, sustainable transport masterplans (for new developments, cities and towns), infrastructure masterplans, highway & traffic engineering, transport corridor studies, transport assessments and travel plans. He also has Local Authority & Central Government experience with a number of London boroughs, UK-wide, national and regional bodies such as Highways England, Transport for London (TfL) and on various Transport Consultancy Frameworks.  

He’s highly skilled in Transport Planning, Infrastructure Planning, Land Development & Regeneration schemes, Development Planning, Traffic Engineering, Project Finance (PPP/PFI/Concessions and Transaction Advisory Services and Due Diligence) and Financial Modelling, Project Development for Infrastructure, Feasibility Studies, Business Cases, Viability Studies and Economic Appraisals. 

Mike Waters

Director of Policy, Strategy and Innovation, Transport for West Midlands

Mike Waters is Director of Policy, Strategy and Innovation at Transport for West Midlands, with departmental responsibility for the policy, strategic priorities, monitoring and research and innovation activities. Mike is responsible for establishing many of the collaborative Intelligent Mobility projects and public highway based Connected and Autonomous Vehicle projects in Coventry and across the West Midlands. Mike is also embedded in Coventry University’s Centre for Mobility and Transport as a researcher focused on Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and sits on the Meridian CAV Hub Advisory Board.

Richard Bradley

Head of Data, Modelling & Appraisal, Transport for the North 

Richard is a Chartered Civil Engineer with a broad range of experience in transport planning, traffic engineering, software development, and transport scheme design and implementation spanning more than 30 years. 

Richard is currently Head of Data, Modelling and Appraisal at Transport for the North, and leads the team preparing evidence for transport infrastructure and services business case submissions that can bring about transformational change for the North of England.

Richard’s primary goal is to develop the Analytical Framework that will enable a One North approach for data, modelling and investment decisions.  This is focused on the challenges of developing a fair approach to funding decisions across the North’s varied geographies and local policies.  It currently includes developing a 2018 based, two-tier model architecture to combine shaping new markets with a robust funding appraisal process. 

A data driven approach is also being developed to better represent all customer experiences across the North’s varied citizen and business personas.  The ultimate mission is that the Analytical Framework is trusted by all TfN’s partners to map out TfN’s Investment Programme to 2050.

Stephen Cragg

Senior Transport Planner, Transport Scotland

Stephen Cragg accidentally became a Senior Transport Planner at Transport Scotland over a decade ago.  By accident, he has also had jobs including teaching physics in South America, making bombs and selling loans.  He feels this is useful background for planning for the future as it’s not set in stone but will be moulded by both design and random chance.  He also likes chickens.

DR Sam Chapman

Chief Innovation Officer, Director and co-founder of The Floow

Sam is responsible for science, data analysis, research and innovation in The Floow, a high growth global telematics and mobility understanding company. As well as forming this company Sam also manages research in areas covering: road safety, autonomous vehicles, telematics, urban transport monitoring, congestion, smart cities, and vehicle emissions. Dr. Chapman is a member of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety and has a keen interest in enhancing road safety at local, national and International levels. He holds a number of elected roles: Member of the Company of Cutlers (the first and only ‘digital cutler’ in its 400+ year history). Member of steering committee of Digital Leaders (Yorkshire and Humber). Chairs the digital economy group for South Yorkshire. Dr.Chapman is a graduate of the University of Sheffield, where he obtained a, BEng, MSc (res) and a Ph.D. in Large Scale Information Integration.

Llewelyn Morgan

Head of Innovation, Oxfordshire County Council

Bio to follow


Paul O'Neill

Director, Intelligent Data

Paul is the founder and Managing Director of Intelligent Data Collection. He has over 21 years experience in transport planning, modelling and data collection in the Uk and internationally. Paul is actively involved in the data collection sub-sector and can provide detailed insights into the historic and possible future trends in the industry and is at the forefront of real time data collection and applications, data fusion with third party data sets and the use and application of big data.

Nila Sari

Principal Transport Modeller, Department for Transport

Nila Sari is a Principal Transport Modeller, working in the Department for Transport’s Transport Appraisal and Strategic Modelling team. She oversees the maintenance and development of the Department’s Transport Analysis Guidance (TAG) for modelling and appraisal methods. She is currently working with leading modelling experts to produce the new guidance on demand matrix building. She has an MSc in Transport Planning from the Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds. She also has extensive experience in numerous transportation modelling and analysis projects, including the development of the innovative cycling assignment model, sub-regional highway assignment models and London congestion charging modelling when she was working at Transport for London.

Jack Snape

Principal Data Analytics and Modelling Officer, Transport for the North

Jack has a PhD in physics and six years’ experience working as an analyst in the Civil Service and in Local Government. Jack has worked in analysis and modelling across a range of policy areas, including higher education, manufacturing, climate change and transport. At the Committee on Climate Change he was responsible for advising the Government on reducing carbon emissions from transport in the UK.

At TfN Jack leads on wider economic analysis, with a focus on developing the business case for Northern Powerhouse Rail. A key part of this is improving TfN’s capabilities to model economic transformation and changing patterns of land-use, using the Northern Economy and Land-Use Model (NELUM). Jack also coordinates a regular forum with analysts from our partner organisations to share best practice and provide technical assurance to projects.

Dr. Siamak Khorgami 

Regional Director - Consulting, Transportation, EMEA​

Siamak is a Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation with over fifteen years’ experience, providing transport planning and modelling advice to both public and private sector clients.

Siamak is a Regional Director in AECOM and provides leadership in strategic modelling, planning and data analytics and the preparation of evidence for transport scheme business case submissions.

Siamak completed his PhD in activity-based demand modelling using mathematical techniques as well as statistical analysis and modelling. Siamak also acts as a professional tutor and provides guest lectures. He collaborates with academia, research and Big Data organisations.

Chris Wright

Technical Director, MDS Transmodal

Chris is a transport economist who specialises in quantitative analysis of freight markets, including transport modelling, statistics, trade forecasting, demand and revenue forecasting and simulation.

He has a 2.1 Master of Physics degree from Oxford University and a Transport Planning MSc from ITS, Leeds University.

He is the Technical Director at MDS Transmodal, leading the modelling team, and has worked there since 1999.  He has designed and implemented several models – most of which focus on freight transport, including:

GB Freight Model v6.1: A multi-modal freight demand simulation model that generates an annual HGV and road tonne matrix, rail traffic, port & European unitised traffic, and user & non-user (environmental) costs for a given scenario.  GBFM is used as the base year freight component of NTMv5.

European Container Port Demand Model (ECPDM): To determine future competitive positions of European container ports under a variety of scenarios

He has worked for a variety of clients on a variety of projects including:

Rail freight forecasts for Network Rail and the Rail Freight Group

Forecast demand and user & non-user costs for Transport for the North.

Scenario-based OD matrices for regional models for Highways England

Musa Imran

Assistant Economist - Northern Powerhouse Rail, Department for Transport​

Musa Imran is an Assistant Economist at the Department for Transport. Having graduated with a Masters in Economics from the University of Southampton, he has since worked on High Speed 2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail. In his time at DfT on these two projects he has provided analysis on a variety of issues, with his most recent work concerning the land use change impacts of Northern Powerhouse Rail.



Luis Willumsen

Director, Willumsen Advisory Services, Kineo Mobility Analytics London & Madrid

Luis has over 35 years of experience as a consultant, transport planner and researcher. He is an internationally recognised authority in Transport and Traffic modelling. Based in Britain since 1975, he was a researcher and lecturer at Leeds University and then at University College London. He was a Board Director of Steer Davies Gleave having joined it full-time in 1989 with a special responsibility for technical development. He left Steer Davies Gleave in December 2009 to develop his own consultancy services. He is co-author of “Modelling Transport” published by Wiley and now in its fourth edition. He has also published “Better Traffic and Revenue Forecasting”, a book dealing with the critical task of delivering demand and revenue projections for transport concessions. He is Director of Willumsen Advisory Services, Kineo-Mobility-Analytics (a company specialised in the use of big data in transport), and Visiting Professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering at University College London.    His current interests focus on dealing with uncertainty, in particular from technology disrupters to transport like CAVs and MaaS.



David Carter

Transport Modelling Market Director, SYSTRA Ltd

David has 30 years’ experience in transport planning, modelling and business cases, often focusing on strategy development and mass transit scheme development and delivery.  David’s work has included strategic modelling in Sao Paulo in Brasil using a highly segmented 25-‘zone’ model to represent a population of 25 million.  He has more recently appeared as an expert witness to the recent public inquiry into the West Midlands Metro Wednesbury to Brierley Hill extension and is supporting TfL ambitions to double cycle usage by 2024.  David is a former graduate of the other university in Birmingham, Aston, is TPP qualified and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.  As such, he is an avid reader of developments in the logistics sector and would like to see a greater crossover between ‘transport planners’ in the planning domain and the other definition of ‘transport planners’ in the logistics sector.

Claire Worsdall 

Head of Strategic Analysis, Department for Transport

Claire is a senior economic adviser in the Department for Transport currently leading a team providing advice and challenge on strategic analytical issues arising in the appraisal and modelling of transport schemes. The Strategic Analysis team is responsible for producing DfT’s road traffic forecasts, and the maintenance and development of the National Trip End model, as well as guidance on wider economic impacts and capturing uncertainty in transport appraisal. In her previous role, she led analysis relating to DfT’s carbon reduction policies.  

Roger Witte

Principal Transport Modeller, Department for Transport

Roger has over 30 years of experience of modelling transport. He started his career as a software engineer at MVA Systematica, one of predecessors of Citilabs, where he helped maintain, support and develop their transport modelling platform, now known as Cube.  He was the primary author of the Cube Avenue dynamic highway assignment platform. During his 23 years with MVA and Citilabs he also helped the TRL with marketing and supporting their traffic engineering models Arcady, Picady, Oscady, Transyt and Contram. He has worked with a wide variety of transport models from recalibrating the highway assignment in TfL’s LTS to analysing the impact of track alignments on the performance of the London Underground. At DfT he has been involved with the National Transport Model and the scrutiny of Highways Investment Fund bids. He has recently taken responsibility for the development of the National Trip End Model and the associated TEMPro software.

Philip Sumner

Principal Transport Modeller, Department for Transport

Philip has worked at the Department for Transport for 10 years, having previously worked as a transport modeller in consultancy. Most recently, he has been working as the Department’s Project Manager the development of the forthcoming new version of the National Transport Model, NTMv5, a large model with over 7,000 zones. Prior to this he managed development of the National Trip End Model (NTEM) and contributed to the restructure of our Transport Analysis Guidance in 2013.   

Tim Gent

Technical Director, Atkins

Tim Gent is a Technical Director at Atkins, and is project manager for the delivery of the new National Transport Model. He has a wide range of experience in developing and applying large scale transport models, with a focus on demand modelling and understanding drivers of changing transport demand.


Senior Technical Director, Arcadis

Helen Bowkett has spent her working life as a transport economist and modeller, She has worked on a wide range of major infrastructure projects including bus rapid transit, roads, cycle bridges and railway stations. She was until recently the Head of Evidence at the Welsh Government, overseeing their analytical work on major projects and writing WelTAG 2017. She now leads the transport modelling, economics and appraisal work on the Lower Thames Crossing for Highways England.

Matthieu Francoz

Smartcity Business Developer Europe & Africa/Senior Business Consultant “Innovation-City" ,Dassault Systemes

Matthieu has an engineering background and his expertise covers strategic and transversal management, competitive intelligence, business development, business ecosystem, and design thinking.

Matthieu joined Dassault Systemes 17 years ago and previously worked in the Design Studio of the group, focusing in the last 7 years on innovation and the last 2 years specifically on cities and territories.

Dr. Reza Tolouei 

Associate Director, AECOM

Reza is an Associate Director in AECOM with over 13 years’ experience in transport planning and modelling (both research and practice). He has led, managed, and successfully delivered a number of projects for Department for Transport, Transport for London, Highways England, and other public sector clients. Reza has significant experience and expertise in travel demand studies, demand matrix development, development of strategic transport models, data analytics, econometric modelling and demand forecasting. Reza also has a strong research profile with a number of peer-reviewed journal publications

Peter Davidson

Managing Director, Peter Davidson Consultancy

Peter is a chartered civil engineer, transport planner and international expert on transport modelling with 40 years experience in transport modelling. During this time, he has been at the forefront of developing new transport modelling techniques including matrix building, discrete choice modelling, stated and revealed preference, transport modelling software, agent, activity and lifestyle based modelling. He has recently completed multi-mode transport models for Zimbabwe, Botswana, Nigeria, Kuwait and was recently responsible for the transport model for Scotland which he recalibrated using discrete choice revealed preference with a novel approach to sampling to speed up the calibration. His first agent based model was a multi mode model for parking and park and ride for Truro and has then gone on to develop agent, activity and lifestyle models for Lyon, Glasgow and Barcelona in order to assess the business case for a new form of transport with one-way electric public shared floating cars. He will be talking about agent, activity and lifestyle based models

Michael Oliver

Technical Director, Northwest Europe, PTV Group

Michael is a transport professional with experience in both consultancy and software. He led the technical delivery of one of the largest and most complex multi-modal variable demand models in the UK before joining PTV as an international solution director. Mike is currently PTV’s regional technical director for the Northwest Europe Region, leading a team which supports PTV customers in innovative applications of its software. He will be talking about the use of hybrid agent-based modelling for the exploration of shared on-demand services.


Vittoria Parisi

Senior Applications Engineer, Immense Simulations. 

Vittoria joined Immense Simulations in 2017, where she is a core member of the Applications team, covering technical and project management roles, and one of the front-line users of Immense’s novel agent-based simulation platform. Vittoria has led development of the First of Kind policy decision support platform for England’s Economic Heartland and innovative co-simulation approach demonstrated within the MERGE Greenwich project to support autonomous vehicle deployment.

Her background is Civil Engineering and Transport Planning and Modelling. She has studied in Italy and Spain, before landing at Newcastle University, where she worked with the current DfT Chief Scientific Advisor on the European Project Compass4D. There she became passionate about transport modelling, and after completing her master’s degree she joined the Modelling and Visualisation Team at Transport Systems Catapult (now the Connected Places Catapult). While at TSC she investigated the behaviour of Emergency Vehicles in microsimulation software in order to replicate a real-life system capable of reducing their journey times in urban areas

Jamie King

Benefits Management Lead for the Regional Investment Programme, Highways England

As a post-graduate from the University of Leeds, Jamie has worked in the transport industry since 2002 in numerous disciplines from project delivery to modelling and appraisal; and currently leads on Benefits Management for Highways England’s Major Projects directorate. Jamie’s work focuses on improving how the transport industry measures the impact that infrastructure has on a population’s quality of life and how sensitive humans are to good design principles in urban spaces. Jamie is particularly interested in how project objectives must be interpreted as outcomes that impact on people’s quality of life. His emphasis is that efficient, good quality transport systems are essential for improving quality of life must but must be designed to be sympathetic to human needs for a quiet, clean and sustainable environment.

Dr Dave Williams

Solutions Director, Immense Simulations

Dave is Solutions Director at Immense Simulations. Dave is a specialist in transport modelling and data analytics, with nearly 14 years' experience across traffic, public transport, aviation and emerging technologies. He is a recognised expert in the field, having led numerous research studies into the impacts of transport technology, and frequently contributing to national and international conferences. Dave is a Chartered Engineer and holds a PhD from Imperial College London, where he researched the impact of traffic control on vehicle emissions and air quality.



Principal Technical Management and Assurance Officer, Transport for the North

Wei has fourteen years of experience in transport modelling and planning. Wei joined Transport for the North (TfN) in 2018, where she is responsible for technical management and assurance support on TfN programmes. Wei is leading on freight modelling requirements and development, which is as part of the TfN’s Analytical Framework to deliver evidence base for freight assessment for the North.

Claire Cheriyan

Strategic Analysis Manager, Transport for London

Claire has worked at Transport for London for more than 10 years and during that time has been privileged to play a pivotal role in the design and development of London’s air quality schemes. This has included the retrofit of London’s buses; the Ultra Low Emission Zone and its extension; and London’s zero emissions transport vision. Claire currently leads TfL’s Streets Analysis team who are responsible for developing and maintaining TfL’s strategic highway assignment model (LoHAM); cycling model (Cynemon); as well as conducting analysis to understand walking and freight activity in the Capital.

Annette Smith

Technical Director, Mott MacDonald

Annette is Technical Director at Mott MacDonald and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. Over the last 20 years she has developed a specialism in sustainable travel and behaviour change through delivering some of the UK’s largest award winning travel behaviour change programmes. She is now applying this experience to the area of future mobility and is particularly interested in how emerging technologies, social trends and market forces can be used to positively impact our lives, the environment and boost our local economies. She is currently working with national, regional and local government to consider how to plan for and deliver a future where mobility enables cities and towns to thrive.

Charisma Choudhury

Associate Professor, Institute for Transport Studies and School of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds (UoL) 

Charisma Choudhury is an Associate Professor at the Institute for Transport Studies and School of Civil Engineering at the University of Leeds (UoL) where she leads the Choice Modelling Research Group. She also serves as the Deputy-Director of the interdisciplinary Choice Modelling Centre, UoL. Prior to joining UoL, she has worked as an Assistant Professor at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and as Analysts in RAND Europe, UK and Cambridge Systematics, USA. 

Charisma holds a PhD and MSc from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). For her doctoral work, she had focused on developing driving behaviour models with ‘Dynamic Latent Plans’. The driving behaviour models developed as part of her thesis have been implemented in leading commercial traffic simulation tools including AIMSUN and VISSIM. In recognition of her doctoral research, she has received the Gordon Newell Best Dissertation Prize from the HKSTS and an Honourable Mention from the IATBR. 

She is an Honorary Guest Professor of Beijing Jiaotong University, China and a Fellow of The Alan Turing Institute, London, UK.


Boris Johansson 

Project Director, Systra

Boris Johansson is SYSTRA’s Scotland Consultancy Business Director with over 20 years of experience of transport planning and modelling consultancy.  He has directed and managed a wide variety of transport projects involving the specification, development, application and auditing of transport models.  He has specific experience in national, regional and local transport model development and application as well as transport forecasting - including development of alternative forecast scenarios and addressing uncertainty in forecasts and policy assessment using Scenario Planning.  His experience encompasses both strategic and detailed multi-modal studies and analysis of highway and public transport schemes.  He possesses specific expertise in the development and application of microsimulation models across a wide spectrum covering local junction assessments, development-based Transport Assessments, cycle and pedestrian priority schemes, instantaneous emissions modelling, bus priority and other public transport measures, overtaking and dualling schemes, major motorway and trunk road enhancements and city-wide traffic management schemes.



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