Intelligent City Mobility
Intelligent City Mobility

12 November 2015 - KIA Oval, London

Intelligent City Mobility
Intelligent City Mobility
Intelligent City Mobility

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Turning spaces into better places

Local authorities are championing urban realm and traffic management schemes that make better use of precious urban space. Encouraging walking, cycling, car sharing, smart parking and public transport use liberates road and kerb space for productive public use, helping to boost high street economies, improve public health and create a cleaner environment.

How pilots and trials are selling new ideas

When managing change, one of the biggest hurdles faced by local authorities is engaging with local residents, businesses and stakeholders. The Space & Place seminar looks at temporary and long-term measures that support the consultation process and achieve community buy-in to reclaiming and re-making public spaces.

  • Minimising investment and political risk by inviting communities to 'join in' with flexible, smaller-scale change

  • Understanding and defining problems and need

  • Reimagining how the kerbside is used

  • Funding schemes

  • Selecting the right solution: taking transport and place-making solutions from ideas to reality

  • Consultation and communication

How to use an expanding 'space transformation' toolkit

Ways of making spaces into places include redesigning the physical street-scene, altering traffic regulations and rights of access, using permits and pricing mechanisms, as well as education and behavioural change initiatives. There a growing number of tools are available to local authorities, including:

  • area-wide 20 mph limits

  • bus lanes

  • car clubs

  • cycle paths

  • traffic calming

  • play streets

  • shared spaced

  • parking controls

  • emissions-based parking permits

  • pavement parking bans

Besides the seminar check out the Street Transformation Zone, which showcases ideas such as Sustrans' street kit, an innovative approach to creating temporary mock-ups so that communities can visualise new street designs and positively influence the design process.

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