Intelligent City Mobility
Intelligent City Mobility

12 November 2015 - KIA Oval, London

Intelligent City Mobility
Intelligent City Mobility
Intelligent City Mobility

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The Car and the City

The future role of cars in our cities will be very different, driven by technological, generational and societal change. This event will outline a future in which emerging models of car use will deliver improved individual and shared mobility, facilitate integrated, multi-modal journeys and deliver healthier urban areas.

  • Discover the implications for city authorities: intelligent connectivity is changing when, how and why we use cars

  • Politics is changing: car journeys which have historically topped the modal split are being challenged as unacceptably noisy, polluting, space-grabbing and potentially dangerous

  • Plan now for the future: the automobile is a highly adaptive technology. In the very near future the car become a sustainable, efficient and acceptable element of integrated urban mobility?

The Car and the City event 2015 will answer key questions:

  • What are the possible futures for improved car-based urban mobility?

  • Can we liberate the vast spaces required to move and to park cars?

  • What needs to change to ensure that smart, connected and shared cars provide real civic benefit?

  • How can city leadership positively shape future mobility for work, living and leisure?

  • How should we plan as the model mix on our roads changes?

  • Should changes be market or policy driven?

  • What does the roadmap for change look like, and who is making key decisions?

Leading players from the automotive industry, national and regional government, technology companies, research bodies and academia will outline:

  • using cars efficiently in the mobility mix

  • making the best use of street and parking infrastructure

  • driver-assisted/autonomous futures and impacts on mobility

  • e-mobility and the future for electric vehicles

  • private and shared vehicles: car ownership, sharing and hiring

  • data as the ‘fuel’ of future urban mobility

  • new directions in policy, regulation and finance

    This event has been recognised as continuing professional development as it conforms to the Institute of Place Management's quality standards. Members and non-members attending the event will be awarded 350 CPD points.

Facts about car use in the UK

  • More than per 90% of UK transport – of both people and goods – is currently conducted by road

  • Cars are massively under-used assets, being used less than 1 hour per day

  • Car-sharing membership levels will grow from 1.3 million in 2014 to 9.8 million in 2025

  • Human error is a factor in more than 90% of collisions

  • The cost of congestion to the UK economy alone is estimated at £307 billion per annu


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