19–20 May 2016
The Curve Theatre, Leicester

Cycle City Active City Leicester

Speed Learning Session Day 1 - 16:30-17:45

Community: Schools, businesses, employers, health and inclusivity

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How to get the best from campaign groups:  What can campaigners offer and how can Local Authorities or businesses benefit?

Leicester Cycling Campaign Group believes cycling should be an easy and pleasant way for anyone to travel.  We try to influence issues, especially infrastructure design, that can make it unpleasant.  As volunteers, we have the capacity to share expertise and research with local government, media and communities.

Elizabeth Barner, & Eric Ludlow, Leicester Cycling Campaign Group

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Women and cycling

The presentation will review the changing face of women’s cycling and how Giant reacted to the market by introducing Liv - a dedicated women’s brand.  The Liv brand is at forefront of cycling providing the best women’s specific bikes, apparel and gear along with a welcoming retail experience.  The presentation will review the Liv brand and it’s ethos of inspiring and creating opportunities for all female cyclist as well as looking at the future for developing and growing the market share.

Collette Clensy, Marketing Manager, Giant Bicycles

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NIHR Diet Lifestyle and Physical Activity Biomedical Research Unit

The Diet, Lifestyle and Physical Activity BRU based in Loughborough and Leicester explores how our own behaviour affects our health and might make us ill. We specialise in measuring health, measuring activity using technology and the prevention and management of diabetes and kidney disease. The BRU benefits from world class facilities and expertise at the Leicester Diabetes Centre at the General Hospital and the National Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine at Loughborough University.

Rebecca Pritchard, NIHR

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The Modeshift STARS system

Modeshift STARS is the national schools awards scheme that has been established to recognise schools that have demonstrated excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable travel. The scheme encourages schools across the country to join in a major effort to increase levels of sustainable and active travel in order to improve the health and well-being of children and young people.

Nick Butler, Senior Transport Planner, Modeshift

Placemaking and Infrastructure

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Resilient Infrastructures by Witteveen+Bos

What kind of places do you love to visit on foot and bike? Hear about and discuss simple, quickly-implemented low-cost improvements that can make a real difference, initiatives that invite people of all ages to walk, cycle and use their streets as social spaces.

Richard Lewis,Director, Witteveen+Bos


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The White Peak Loop - Overcoming challenges and delivering a high quality multi-user trail in the Peak District National Park

The presentation explores how, as part of the Pedal Peak Project, and the wider White Peak Loop, Derbyshire County Council is proposing to extend the existing Monsal Trail from Bakewell through the Haddon Estate to Rowsley and following the route of the railway line to Matlock.

Morna Dudeney, Senior Engineer, AECOM

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Protected cycle lanes in Salford - Case Study of the Longest Light Segregation Scheme in the UK

This is a case study of the longest light segregation scheme in the UK

Lee Evans, Salford City Council & Neil Brownbridge, Regional Director, AECOM (representing TfGM)

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The Gosforth Corridor

Robert Snowball, Senior Specialist Transport Planner, Newcastle City Council

The Gosforth Corridor is strategically important for people on buses, bikes, in cars while also being a local retail centre and serving residential properties and schools. It connects the A1 at one end up to Newcastle city centre at the other.  Increasingly issues with congestion, pollution, traffic noise, public transport reliability and in particular road safety ( despite being less than 1% of all traffic, people on bikes suffer 10% of all injuries on this corridor) have been experienced.

The Gosforth Transport Improvements have seen the development of a strategic cycle route along the Corridor. The aim is to encourage people of all ages to cycle who currently do not feel sufficiently confident or safe to cycle to do so as well as to improve convenience for existing cyclists.  This session will provide an overview of this project.  

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Cycle Superhighway 5 – protecting cyclists through busy junctions

This session will look at how CS5 has provided protected cycle facilities through a busy network in south London, including maintaining capacity at junctions, Vauxhall Gyratory and the interaction with Vauxhall transport interchange

Carolyne Paul, Design Manager TfL in-house design team (Outcomes Delivery) 

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A String of Pearls - The Luton Dunstable Busway (LDB)

Opened in 2013, the Luton & Dunstable Busway incorporates a parallel 9km traffic free cycleway passing close to a number of key development sites, the ‘String of Pearls.’ Luton and Central Bedfordshire Councils are now working together to develop a comprehensive network of cycle routes linked to the cycleway.

Rod Black, Sustainable Travel Manager, Luton Borough Council

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Choosing the best cycling infrastructure – what do cyclists want and what do they actually do

In Bedford, we based our LSTF plans on a survey of over 200 cyclists as to what kind of infrastructure they wanted and what routes they took. Compared to the views of 16,000 cyclists and non-cyclists from other surveys, this will ensure best value for money in any new cycle infrastructure

Patrick Lingwood, Snr Walking and Cycling Officer, Bedford Borough Council

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Securing funding for cycle schemes, directly and indirectly

Despite cycling and walking moving up the agenda direct funding from the Department for Transport is reducing. Alternative sources of funding are required to support delivery and increase the number of people walking and cycling. For example, maximising opportunities in the Local Growth Funds, building on Developer contributions and working with Highways England to cycle proof highway schemes adjacent to the Strategic Road Network.

Helen Ellerton, Prinicpal Consultant, AECOM

Training, Schools and Safety

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Sustainable Safety, and the need for its application in Britain

The presentation will focus on the fundamental principles of this approach to road safety, its relationship to changes recently advocated with ’Space for Cycling’ and ‘Go Dutch’ campaigns and its benefits. Particularly, it will examine the role it plays in the design of attractive roads and streets for all users, mainly through the principle of monofunctionality, which involves separating, as much as possible, the flow of traffic from everyday human activity.    

Alex Ingram, Board Member, Cycle Embassy of Great Britain

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National application of the Freight Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS)

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a voluntary accreditation scheme encompassing all aspects of safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and improved operations. FORS helps fleet operators to measure and monitor performance and alter their operations in order to demonstrate best practice. It is open to operators of vans, lorries, mini-buses, coaches and other vehicles, and to the organisations that award contracts to those operators.

Johan Els, AECOM

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Bostin Bikes: Removing the barrier of bike ownership and increasing on road cycle training

The first ‘Bostin Bike’ pilot was focused on the Black Country's 4 local authorities, as 43% of the Black Country LSOA's are within the most 20% deprived areas of England. The scheme provides a brand new bicycle, helmet, set of lights and D-lock to residents for £50, on the condition that they complete Level 1 and Level 2 national standard training delivered by BikeRight! The pilot saw 200 bikes allocated.  The second ‘Bostin Bike Commuter’ pilot is focussing on Black Country businesses.  

Mitchell Robinson, Sustainable Travel Officer, Centro & Daniel Morris, Business Development Manger, BikeRight!

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Hertfordshire: A leading Bikeability County

Bikeability is a key part of Hertfordshire’s plan to get people moving more safely and more often through a  sustainable mode of transport. Cycle training through schools, businesses and individual clients across the county with ever increasing demand.

Nick Truran, Sustainable Travel Officer - Cycling, Hertfordshire County Council

Speed Learning Session Day 2 - 13:30-15:00

Integrated Transport, Innovation

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Bikes and Buses – the missing link in promoting cycling and integrated transport. The bus-racks potential for promoting cycling and active travel. 

Carrying bikes on the front of buses is the obvious and visible way to promote cycling.  Most of the buses in North America are now fitted with versions of the 2 or 3 bike Sportworks rack, now joined by cities in Australia and New Zealand.  These are popular with tourist and leisure cyclists, commuters, students, shoppers, or simply as a re-assurance measure – bad weather or an emergency.  They also have a great marketing value.

This presentation will be a summary of the current position, and the potential for cities around the UK.  

Peter Davenport, Director, Bikes On Buses & Adam Reynolds, Chair, Bath Cycle Campaign


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WEGO Couriers

WEGO Couriers are the market leaders for future city logistics and have been developing a shared user network. Which is now represented as part of a Last Mile Logistic pilot for the European H2020 project. Since 1998 WEGO couriers have been protecting our future cities by providing a carbon neutral delivery solution to Nottingham and, more recently, Leicester and London. Our fleet of electric vehicles and cargo bicycles deliver a variety of items within the city environment and nationally by utilising secure space on passenger trains for a faster, more efficient delivery method that reduces carbon emissions, not only in the city centre, but on a national scale.

Helen Brewin, General Manager, WEGO Couriers


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Improving Leicester’s online Journey Planner:  Identifying missing local foot and cycle paths via community group street surveys and mapping parties

Leicester’s Air Quality Walking Project aims to eliminate gaps in the mapping of local footpaths and cycle routes on Open Street Map. This will improve the data which feeds the city and county council’s online Journey Planner (see  www.choosehowyoumove.co.uk/jp/), making this tool more useful to the public when planning their journeys by bike or on foot.  Supported by trained volunteers, this project will run a series of community group walks to survey selected areas of the city. It will also establish mapping groups to implement the necessary foot/cycle path updates to the Leicester area on Open Street Map. By encouraging members of the community to survey their local area on foot, we aim to encourage participants to walk more often.

Sara Coy, Active Travel Training Coordinator (Walking)Leicester City Council

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Cycle Infrastructure Trials

How TfL are carring out trails both on and off-street to improve cycle infrstruture in London

Helen Adlington, Design Manager TfL in-house design team (Outcomes Delivery)

Cycle hire, ebikes & Leisure

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Newcastle City Council – E Bike Trial

Robert Snowball, Senior Specialist Transport Planner, Newcastle City Council

Newcastle City Council, worked to set up a trial of electric bikes for older people at Vale House in Sandyford, Newcastle.  Vale House is a block of flats for over 55s and the tenants association there will take responsibility for the diary for the bikes and arranging maintenance with the a local CiC.  Bikes are supplied with helmets, locks, lights and panniers.  Training has been offered to residents.  In this session, a discussion of the project and some outcomes will be discussed.  

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Bath and North East Sommerset

Jessica Fox-Taylor, LSTF Project Manager, BATHNES

Bath is a small city with a population of only 83,000, and a challenging topography. So how has it managed to successfully deliver a cycle hire project?
LSTF Project Manager for Bath and North East Somerset, Jessica Fox-Taylor, explains how the project was re-specified and marketed to maximise the tourist and student market, and where the city hopes to go next. 

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Reading's New "EasyGo" Smartcard and Multimodal Hubs, Including Reading's Cycle Hire Scheme

Reading's new "EasyGo" scheme includes a multimodal travel smartcard and multimodal hubs funded by the DfT as a Car Club Demonstration Project. The "EasyGo" card unlocks the Car Club, bike hire and bus travel as well as earning points to spend at local outlets for each sustainable journey made. 

Marian Marsh, Transport Planner, Reading Borough Council

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Why e-bikes are important and making them attractive with tax breaks

Rob Howes, Managing Director, Green Commute Initiative 

The Green Commute Initiative is about increasing commuter’s awareness of e-bikes and letting them experience how they are not only viable as a commuting vehicle but positively make commuting fun! By using available tax breaks the Green Commute Initiative offers savings of up to 42% from the RRP of e-bikes and means commuters can pay for the bikes monthly. Employers also benefit and can either make a ROI of around 130% or can finance the acquisition of the bikes and still make around 7% of the value of the bikes in tax savings.

We believe e-bikes are part of the future of commuting and we’re making them affordable!

Marketing & Mainstreaming

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Outcomes Monitoring of Centro’s Cycling Engagement Programme

Tim McCann, Principal Consultant, AECOM

Centro’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) Cycling Engagement Programme has delivered a wide range of cycling activities and support within Birmingham & Solihull, the Black Country and Coventry, between April 2013 and March 2016. Output and outcome monitoring has been embedded into all activities from the start of the programme, enabling the project team to better understand the observed changes in travel behaviour, and the relationships with cycling investment over the period.  


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Innovative ideas in inclusive cycling

Jim McGurn, Get Cycling

Get Cycling CiC are a social enterprise well known for their events and programmes for the public sector. Not many know that they are also the UK's largest supplier of disability cycles, assessment services and inclusive cycling events. Their companion cycling work has been heavily featured on y specialise in Jim McGurn, Chief Executive of Get Cycling, will be sharing 15 years of experience in disability cycling, and suggesting innovative ways of launching and maintaining local inclusive cycling groups.

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Big Birmingham Bikes

5000 free bikes delivered to the most deprived people of Birmingham, supported by behaviour change measures to encourage more people cycling more of the time. Volunteer recruitment. GPS tracking of all cycle activity to measure investment impact and cost benefits analysis and health improvement. Annual Cycle Festival One year on.

Brynn Lewis, Cycling Project Manager, Birmingham City Council

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Cycling as a tool of change: Using data and technology to release the benefits of cycling

Love to Ride explore data trends and insights from their global behaviour change programmes. By crafting and developing a unique approach that achieves measurable levels of change, this speed learning session will explore programme outcomes from around the world and how a highly flexible approach and platform is the best tool for change at a local level.

Sam Robinson, General Manager, Love to Ride

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CycleStreets and Cyclescape: journey planning and data collection tools

CycleStreets, the cycle journey planning people, has created Cyclescape, a toolkit for discussion of traffic schemes, policy, planning applications - anything relevant to achieving more cycling. It provides a forum-like system, features integrated collision data, Planning Application feeds (>50% UK), web/e-mail replies, a resource library, Street View replies, and more.

Martin Lucas-Smith, Developer, CycleStreets​ 

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How do we engage businesses to improve streets?

Sustrans street design projects work closely with local communities to help them redesign their neighbourhood affordably, putting people back at its heart and making it safer, more attractive and more conducive to walking and cycling. How can we encourage businesses on local high streets to be part of improving our streets? 

Tim Pheby, Engineering Manager, North EastSustrans

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