Welcome to the 4th annual Local Transport Summit

The Local Transport Summit begins with a high level intensive scene-setting and interactive discussion around key current challenges and change management issues led by experts and involving senior local transport leaders from 1.00pm - 7.00pm on the first day 28 November.

Pre-dinner networking drinks are followed by a semi-formal working dinner addressed by two top business and public sector speakers with experience from outside the traditional local transport community sharing their experience of the issues of governance and organisational and change management

The 29th November begins with a morning plenary and panel sessions with keynote speakers from the main local transport fields and other innovative sector leaders, including feedback from the previous day’s discussions and responses to the issues raised.

This will be followed by facilitated roundtable workshops on a range of major local transport topics reporting back their outcomes to a final stock taking session that will identify new and emerging issues to take forward over the coming months in LTT.

Foreword by Landor LINKS' chairman, Peter Stonham

Peter Stonham LTT

Four years ago, a group led by the Local Transport Today team proposed that there should be an opportunity at least once a year for those grappling with the broader agendas and choices to come together and take stock of the local transport landscape, and identify both current and future challenges and how professionals can best get into shape to address them. 

This was the birth of the Local Transport Summit, a 24-hour residential ‘Chatham House Rules’ discussion in a relaxed environment, firstly held in Oxfordshire in autumn 2016, then in Greater Manchester for 2017, last autumn was Letchworth in Hertfordshire in 2018 and now Mercure Bradford in 2019.

For this year's Summit we visit a metropolitan area in the North of England and will share its experience of dealing with a range of city, smaller town and suburban/semi-rural transport challenges.

We'll also be looking at the strategic issues of improving connectivity across the North; the opportunities for innovation provided by new government initiatives such as the Future Mobility Zones project; and tackling transport carbon reduction. There will be speakers on new approaches to integrated and smart mobility, and on significant challenges being shared across all authorities responsible for local transport, including climate change and resilience, integrating new development to achieve transport efficiency and sustainability, and new approaches to decision-making and resource allocation to better reflect financial realities and community priorities. 




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‘Ongoing devolution of powers and funding means we are entering a new era of more integrated strategic planning. When people find out I've been working on a transport strategy for the year 2040, they ask, ‘But, how do we know what the world will be like in 25 years?. Increasingly, her response to this difficult question is “Well, how would we like it to be?”

Nicola Kane, Head of Strategic Planning and Research, Transport for Greater Manchester

'Potentially, the disruptive influence of new technology will mean that we’ll be even more wrong than usual in our view of the future, and this is not just in the transport sector. There’s a growing political impetus to use transport investment and other policy levers to shape our future. We need to find – rediscover some would say – ways of embracing uncertainty about the future as we develop schemes, plans, and programmes

Neil Chadwick, Director of Steer

‘We are in the midst of the most energetic push on housing delivery for decades, and a significant responsibility for planning future communities is placed with Local Authorities and developers with plans outside our main metropolitan areas. If the primary goals for our new communities are about the future lifestyles that people want, then its seems highly unlikely that these are going to focussed on transport outcomes, so we will need to be able to work out how transport infrastructure can support the community outcomes contained in the vision’

Keith Mitchell, Chairman of Peter Brett Associates

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28-29 November - The Mercure Bradford Bankfield Hotel

The 4th annual

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The Local Transport Summit is the only opportunity for the movers and shakers in local transport to meet, network and map the future of transport planning and policy. The team behind Local Transport Today, gather the most influential thinkers to join the most important discussion in a generation.  

Anyone who is effected by transport planning and policy should attend The Local Transport Summit and add their voice to the discussion.  

Organised by Landor LINKS

28-29 November
Mercure, Bradford