Speaking at a Landor LINKS LIVE event

We will be using the hopin event platform, and we will be broadcasting live on the day. 

As a virtual conference speaker, you will receive a complimentary ticket from Landor LINKS with full access to the virtual event.  Once registered, you will receive login instructions and be prompted to create a profile. 

The Hopin platfom will be open to speakers and the audience on the morning of the event

Register to attend

We will send you a unique free-ticket link, and ask you to complete your registration details.

If you have yet to receive your unique free-ticket link, please contact the Events team at


Speaker sign-up

1. You need internet and a Mac / PC with Chrome or Firefox, tablet or phone with Safari or Chrome, with a microphone and webcam. 

Please note that you can’t use use Edge or Internet Explorer.

2. Click the link you were sent, and click Speaker Ticket (free). Enter your details. You will be prompted to sign in (unless you’ve used hopin already, and already have an account. If so, sign in)

3. To sign in for the first time, enter your name, email and password

4. Click the box for terms and conditions

5. You DON’T need to click the box for receiving info from hopin

6. Create your profile (upload a job title and a pic if you wish)

7. When you return to the site at a later date ….

Please first login to Hopin using the same details as above: https://hopin.to/sign_in


If you cannot remember your password: https://hopin.to/users/password/new


Attend on the day

First login to Hopin here: https://hopin.to/sign_in

If you cannot remember your password: https://hopin.to/users/password/new

Then either click the dedicated link we have sent you in advance, or use the left-hand navigation to go to the virtual room you are presenting in.


All you need is internet and a Mac / PC with Chrome or Firefox, tablet or phone with Safari or Chrome, with a microphone and webcam. Please note that Webcams are not supported on Mac or PC if using Edge or Internet Explorer.


Speaker brief: notes from the Chair

  • The majority of the presentations at our events are designed to be short and impactful. Sales pitches, company introductions and project overviews should be mainly reserved for the Expo zone. The talks are designed for each presenter to give his or her ideas and opinions on the theme (based on working experience) and to provide food for thought for the facilitated discussion to follow

  • Please stick to your allocated time slot. The Chair for your session will ensure that no-one overruns so that there is sufficient time for debate. Timings will be very strict, as discussion is the  important aim for these sessions

  • You have been invited to present new concepts, successful implementations, challenging questions. For speakers from commercial organisations - the exhibition is where you can promote your products; in the presentation sessions, please focus on general methods. You will find the audience quite unforgiving in this respect

  • Please don't overcomplicate your message, and leave space for discussion. We are happy to review any presentations beforehand=

  • We would be grateful if you stick to the title of your presentation, and refer to the theme of the session, to ensure as coherent a programme delivery as possible. Please let me know if you would like to discuss how you could best achieve that. I would be happy to put you in touch with other speakers in your session, so that you can fine-tune your presentations and avoid duplication

Using slides in your presentation

Please create slides in powerpoint 16.9 format 

Landor LINKS can manage the slides being used on the day to ensure no technical problems, or you can share your own screen.

If  Landor LINKS is managing slides, they must be sent 48 hours in advnace using the free, quick and easy We Transfer service to the email address 


Please avoid complext step-by-step transitions and bear in mind the sldies will be displayed in a window, so large font sizes are recommended.


Interaction with the delegates

During the event there will be a column on the right hand column there will be a “chat/poll/people” tab.

Every session has its own dedicated chat, where the session chair will encourage audience members to pose questions to you. 

Speakers are also able to interact with attendees through polling. If you are going to use polls in your session, prepare your questions or prompts 48 hours in advance and send through to us.

If you have any queries or questions, please email Juliana on juliana.orourke@landor.co.uk or call me on 07901 664058.

Exhibiting and presenting from your booth

For an optimised experience using Hopin, make sure you are using Google Chrome

Utilise all of the exhibition profile options, including:

  • embedded video content 

  • background image

  • company logo and profile text 

  • plus ways in which delegates can contact you 

  • Make the most of the platform 'chat function located on the right hand side of the platform. 

Promote the fact that you are at the event and use the exhibition booth URL in any chat messages so delegates can quickly navigate to your booth.

  • Exhibitors can also send direct messages and requests for Video Chat meetings with any other delegate via the chat function on the right hand panel

  • Exhibitors are also encouraged to make the most of the video presentation mode on the booth. At any moment during the event an exhibitor can launch a presentation from their booth, as if you were at a live event, and delegates can gather around your physical booth. You can present and interact with them, also screen sharing slides or video content whilst you present. 

  • If an attendee has a question they can post it in the chat or you can even ask them to join you by video chat

  • Keep an eye on your booth traffic in the 'People' tab. You can see who is currently on your booth in real time and ask if they want to have a chat 

  • As Hopin is a web-based platform you can post hyperlinks to reports, documents or web pages at any point during the event.  This is a great way to promote your company, services and products 

  • Think about different ways to engage your audience in a virtual setting. Rather than a product pitch or demo, why not invite delegates to your booth for a social event - drinks, a quiz or a competition?

About Hopin: Our Virtual Event Platform

Hopin is a virtual venue with multiple interactive areas to help you connect and engage. As an attendee, you’ll be able to move in and out of rooms just like an in-person event and enjoy the content and connections throughout. For the best experience, make sure you're using Chrome or Firefox

The Hopin platform includes a main stage area, breakout sessions, live video and text based chat functions, an exhibition area to showcase organisations and opportunities, as well as lots of networking functions.

The programme for the day is shown in both the Conference Rooms and Breakout Rooms tabs on the right

If you are a speaker don't just disappear after your slot, stick around and learn something from the other experts

During the event there will be a column on the right hand column there will be a “chat/poll/people” tab. Click on ‘People’ to see a list of attendees that you might consider requesting a meeting with. You may ask to connect with someone at any time by chat, so please do...

The speed networking feature will take you into a zone where you’ll be matched with random other delegates for a 3 min video chat, so take the opportunity to meet new people

The organisers are available via the Chat function at any time if you need help

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