"Digital Transport Exchange is going to be an outstanding opportunity to see the whole data supply chain in one place if you are planning digital investments this year" - Jonathan Raper, Director, Transport API

11.07.18 Afternoon Workshop

Creating a resilient digital transport ecosystem for a city region


Registration and Networking: Tea & Coffee Served (and cafe available on site)



Creating a resilient transport ecosystem for a city region: the West Midlands

Chaired by Anne Shaw, Director of Network Resilience, West Midlands Combined Authority

1. Resilient thinking for digital transport

We all recognise the need to adopt new ways of thinking, to challenge ourselves and our colleagues to create sustainable practical solutions, and to improve the skills of our existing workforce.  

Developing greater in resilience in our thinking, our systems and our responses to incidents and disruption is critical for future success. 

Why take part:

  • learn about the 7 emerging areas for developing resilience in city regions 
  • work in depth with the experts and the mixed experience from other participants
  • develop your own 6-stage plan of action to take away and implement in your work

2. The 7 emerging areas for improving resilience 

Each topic represents an area of emerging thinking and practical approaches that will help us manage local transport better in our cities and regions.  All require access to and use of data. All require exposure to experience and challenges being faced by all those present to help shape and refine their work into future products and services.

    a    Multi-Agency partnership and being prepared Dr. Hugh Deeming

    b   City/region-wide systems thinking to co-ordinate efforts Carl Waring, K-Division

    c    Internet availability as another transport mode Hannah Budnitz, University of Birmingham. PhD topic: (Tele)commuting, Cities and Weather Conditions

    d    Local coordination and collaboration: congestion data from existing traffic sensors: BiRT. Alan Dolhasz, Birmingham City University, and Andrew Radford, Birmingham City Council

    e    Not just Variable Messaging Signs - leveraging the power of data journalism to improve transport information. Pupul Chatterjee, DEFT153 Ltd

    f    Making your financial business case for resilience investment: HIRAM. Jonathan Munslow, South Gloucestershire Council/South West Highways Alliance

    g    Open Policy Making: User-centred policy making informed by collaborative experiments. James Gleave, Transport Futures


3. Make a plan

Each of the 7 topic leads host a table, and will give a 5 minute lightning talk about their work and what they are looking for from you during the afternoon. You will then join the table that is of most relevance to you, either as individuals, or as a group.  You are free to move to other tables to gain additional insights if needed.

As the afternoon progresses, and with the assistance of the table leads, everyone will work through the same 6 core challenges to create an action plan for addressing a current problem you are facing in your work:

   1  Describe your current position. The current problem I/my team/client face is…

   2  Articulate your vision. The benefits when this problem is solved are…

   3  Make a plan. The things that need to happen to make this a reality are… 

   4  Identify blockers and ways to overcome them. The things I think are stopping me from achieving this are…

   5  Identify resources for implementation. The people, organisations and resources who can benefit from helping me overcome these blockers are…

   6   Commit to action. The actions I can take to solve my problem and deliver my vision are… 


4. Benefits of taking part

- Through the lens of your chosen topic, you will explore how to go from where you are, to where you need to be, and build a plan you will take away that will help you get there

- The overall workshop host will guide you through each of the 6 steps, so everyone walks away with a viable plan of action. 

- Your table hosts will provide you with the expertise, guidance and resources so you can develop an action plan to implement in your work

- Your experience, questions and challenges will help your table leads evolve and refine their work, which will in turn benefit the wider industry / sector

- The roving facilitators will keep each of the tables on track, and capture the overarching insights, learning and feedback from the session, to share during the main conference the following day



Feedback, review and next steps

Close of day 16.30



12.07.18 Conference and Expo

Making Transport Work


Registration opens



Meeting our future transport challenges

Chair:  Sir Nic Cary, CEO, Waysphere

Keynote: policy, place and people
Andy Street, Mayor, West Midlands Combined Authority 

Data and delivering network resilience in the West Midlands 
Anne Shaw, Director, Network Resilience, West Midlands Combined Authority

It’s going to be a challenge but it’s worth it
Paul Campion, CEO, Transport Systems Catapult


A collaborative model for future working

Chair: Sir Nic Cary, CEO, Waysphere

How opening up data is defining transport delivery
Beate Kubitz, Editor, UK Annual MaaS Survey and board member, Travelspirit

Data management models for Local Authorities and beyond
Andy Radford, Principal Infrastructure Development Officer, Birmingham City Council , and  Stuart Lester, Data Innovation Lead, West Midlands Combined Authority

Using Data ecosystem and Analytics to inform Local authority Investment and policy direction
Laura Peacock, Innovation Hub Manager, ​Oxfordshire County Council



Refreshments in the Networking Zone



Improved sharing of transport data

Chair: Andy Radford, Birmingham City Council

Barriers to sealing up: a strategic overview
Jonathan Raper, CEO, TransportAPI

How digital infrastructure is evolving - making the right choices
Ash Wheeler,Director, oneTRANSPORT

Panel discussion: How should technology support improved transport data sharing? 

Discussion led by Andy Radford, Principal Infrastructure Development Officer, Birmingham City Council on the merits of APIs, platforms and ecosystems, with contributions from leading data platforms including : OpenDataSoft, Fanny Goldschmidt; Elgin, James Harris; OpenStreetMap, Brian Pringle; Ash Wheeler, oneTransport, Ash Wheeler


Bring the digital transport and infrastructure parts together (Including the West Midlands learning from Day 1)

Teresa Jolley, Creative Director, DEFT153  and Sir Nic Cary, CEO, Waysphere  will lead an interactive session


Lunch served in the networking area



Making journeys better: pathfinders to watch  

Chair: Rod Fletcher, Managing Director, Landor LINKS

Parking: Building a uniform global standard for sharing parking data
Jon Harrod Booth, British Parking Association/Alliance for Parking Data Standards, Chair of BSI ITS Standards Committee

Highways: Highway Infrastructure Resilience Assessment Modelling Tool. A practitioner led development
Adam May, Director, Wilson Pym May

Railways: How Swiss and French Railways use data sharing to improve passenger service

Fanny Goldschmidt, Territory Manager - UK & Ireland, OpenDataSoft

Communications: BBC Transport Hack- Collaborative data journalism with the regional media, BBC and Industry

Peter Sherlock, Assistant Editor, BBC Shared Data Unit



Refreshments in the Networking Zone



Practical steps to accelerate operational progress

Chair: Dr Walter Tuttlebee, Transport Data Initiative

Consumers: A better traveller experience
Andrew Steele, Director, Corporate Strategy, SilverRail

Government: Findings from the DfT Discovery project on Local Transport Data
Graham Hanson, ITS Policy Lead, Traffic Division, Department of Transport

Regions: Making the most of what you’ve got – West Midlands business case study
Dr Pam Waddell, Director of the Innovation Alliance for the West Midlands


Summing up

Paul Campion, CEO, Transport Systems Catapult


Refreshments in the Networking Zone

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