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Entries to the 2021 TRANStech Awards are free.

Please be aware that by entering, you will need to ensure a member of your organisation will be in attendance on the day to collect the award should you win. The deadline is Friday 20 November 2020. Last year we had 80 organisations enter over 120 projects and innovations to the inaugural awards. You have to be in it to win it!

Judging days are being held on during December in London and Leeds and the shortlisted companies will be contacted ahead of the shortlist being announced in at the end of August.

Entries now open


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Breakthrough Awards

Breakthrough Awards – Technology on the move

Celebrating the innovations in technology to improve how we travel.

Enter the Breakthrough Awards...

Data Platform Provider of the Year Award

This award recognises the data backbone allows the more effective and efficient allocation and targeting of resource, mobility services to be found, booked and paid for; highway, kerbside and parking space to be better managed or fleet to managed more productively.

This award recognises advancements in shared and open data platforms and associated analytical and visualisation tools that make data more discoverable, useable and valuable and are reshaping how people and businesses make transportation choices and have accelerated the progress towards improving efficiency and overall sustainability of transport.

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Autonomous Breakthrough of the Year Award

Trials of autonomous vehicles are on our streets. The Autonomous Breakthrough of the Year Award recognises initiatives and projects which are researching and developing autonomous vehicles and enabling technologies.

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The New Mobility Innovator of the Year Award

This award recognises and rewards innovation in the area of new mobility, such as bike share, scooter hire, car clubs, contactless payments and much more.

The award recognises developments in multi-modal and integrated travel through, for example a MaaS platform that can handle all transport choices and payments.

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E-Mobility Progress Award

The award will recognise developments in the development of electric vehicles, including charging infrastructure and smart grid technology and how the project encourages the adoption and integration of such technologies.

This award recognises the suppliers of electric vehicles and associated technologies which offer a step change in quality of customer experience, choice, cost effectiveness and control. 

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Judges Award: TRANStech Innovator of the Year Award

The TRANStech Innovator of the Year Award is a judge's special award where the judges nominate an individual who has consistently made an outstanding contribution to the industry and represents a 'model of excellence'.

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Impact Awards

Impact Awards – Transport for a better world

Rewarding how the use of technology makes transport better.

Enter the Impact Awards...

Street of the Future Award

The Street of the Future Award recognises measures undertaken to improve streets and the urban realm through combining smart technology and design to improve the functionality and dynamics of highway, kerbside and pedestrian areas for different uses at different times and occasions.

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Congestion Reduction Award

Advances in technology has the potential to relieve congestion through encouraging people to eliminate or share journeys, reduce single car occupancy journeys or stagger their journey plans to avoid creating congestion.  The Congestion Reduction Award recognises and rewards innovative projects and products which reduce congestion through means such as: Active traffic management; Adaptive traffic lights; Platooning and freight consolidation; Real-time traffic information; Road pricing and parking management solutions and Smart corridors.

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Open Data Award

Open data is the key to providing a true ‘open internet of mobility’. It can facilitate new journey planning and booking products, assist in the better understanding of travel patterns and aid service planning. 

The Open Data Award recognises organisations who make their data accessible or usable or the best use of available open data in travel technology. 

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Air Quality Impact Award

New mobility has the potential to improve air quality through the removal of traffic, elimination of journeys, increasing the prevalence of no and low emission vehicles for passenger journeys and freight delivery, or by sharing journeys and reducing single car occupancy journeys.

Entries welcomed from Local Authorities, public transport, technology developers and suppliers etc and fleet operators.

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TRANStech Business of the Year Awards

The TRANStech Business of the Year Award recognises and rewards corporate commercial organisations who have demonstrated excellence in improving transport through technology.

This award is broken down into sub categories, and gives companies large and small, young and old the opportunity to be recognised.

Entrants are split into the sub sections by the judging panel based on company history, number of employees and annual turnover figures.

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Experience Awards

Experience Awards - making travel better

Showcasing the innovative use of technology to improve transport.

Enter the Experience Awards...

Traveller Experience Award

Providing an excellent traveller experience is the key to changing transport behaviour. This award is for those who have used technology which gives people control, cost and confidence in making their journey.

The Traveller Experience Award recognises the projects, technologies and innovations that make using transport a better experience.

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Safety & Security Improvement Award

The Safety & Security Improvement Award recognises the technology and practices that keep us and our goods safe across the transport network. This ranges from in-vehicle technology, safety improvements at stations or depots or a local authority initiative.

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Subscription Service Provider Award

Mobility subscriptions services can change the way we think about using multi modal transport. But will they reflect new patterns of living and working? 

The Subscription Service Provider Award (sometimes referred to as TaaS – Transportation-as-a-Service) reflects new consumer products which allow people to plan, book and pay for their mobility whilst obtaining flexibility, usability and controlling their costs.

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The Electric Experience Award

The Electric Experience Award focuses on how the application of electrification technology has made travelling more convenient, accessible and available to accelerate adoption whether by individuals or in fleets.

This award recognises the suppliers of electric vehicles and associated technologies which have been able to facilitate the improvement of the customer experience.

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TRANStech Partnership of the Year Award

The TRANStech Partnership of the Year Award recognises exceptional partnership working in delivering transformative improvement in transport through technology. The partnership may involve a mix of local authorities, companies, professional bodies, Universities, consumer groups and other stakeholders.

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Game Changer Awards

Game Changer Awards - shaping the future of transport

Recognising the how the future of transport is being shaped by technology.

Enter the Game Changer Awards...

City Region Award

The City Region Award recognises city regions which are achieving connected, seamless and easy to use multi-modal urban mobility though solutions enabled by combining transport and technology.

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Rural Innovation Award

The majority of new mobility trails have focused on cities. However, it is clear there is a requirement for similar schemes and innovations in less populated rural areas.

The Rural Innovation Award focuses on providing innovative new mobility services which serve less densely populated rural areas

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Last Mile Innovator Award

This award recognises the innovation in harnessing the power of mobility data and technology to enable the optimisation of routes, reduce cost of service and deliver a sustainable express solution whilst meeting the needs of the ‘prime’ consumer.

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Judges Award: Fleet Operator of the Year Award

The second Judges special award, the Fleet Operator of the Year Award recognises that transport technology is nothing without fleet. Whether that fleet consists of buses, cars or bikes it must provide the right vehicle in the right place at the right time in order to enable an excellent customer experience of new mobility.

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TRANStech Shared Transport Provider of the Year Award

Shared transport can take many forms including bike share, scooters, car clubs, DRT and more! 

The TRANStech Shared Transport Provider of the Year Award recognises and rewards shared mobility providers who have used their service to facilitate the improvement of transport provision, accessibility, reliability, safety and security.

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