Speakers at the Modelling World conference and innovation sessions include:
Tom Van Vuren Divisional Director Mott MacDonaldProf. Phil Goodwin, UWE Emeritus Professor of Transport Policy University of the West of EnglandPeter Miller  CEO ITO WorldChris Cooper Travel & Transport Industry Architect IBMBrian Fitzpatrick Head of Highways EC Harris
The Modelling World exhibition is accompanied by 2 days of seminars addressing our event themes of data capture, analysis, presentation, communication and understanding of digital information.

(Speakers shown in the order they confirmed)
Tom Van Vuren
Divisional Director
Mott MacDonald

A specialist in transport modelling, demand forecasting and appraisal, with a career in consultancy and academia spanning over 25 years. Has been involved in research and development and practical applications in countries around Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia.
Prof. Phil Goodwin, UWE
Emeritus Professor of Transport Policy
University of the West of England

Phil Goodwin has been active in advisory work for public, private, voluntary and overseas agencies in the field of transport, notably as chair of the panel of advisers helping the Deputy Prime Minister write the 1998 White Paper on transport, and previously as a long term member of the Standing Advisory Committee of Trunk Road Assessment, and co-author of its reports on environmental appraisal (1992), induced traffic (1994) and economic impacts (1999). He was a non-executive director of Dover Harbour from 1989 to 2005, and chair of its remuneration committee. He was founding editor of the journal Transport Policy, and former editor-in-chief of the international journal Transportation Research, Policy and Practice.
Peter Miller
ITO World

Peter has a track record of innovation from the beginnings of personal computers, through to the development of real-time transport data standards. After a successful period as CTO of ACIS, he founded ITO World to realise his vision of smarter decision making through innovative use of data. Peter is a long standing contributor and OpenStreetMap expert, leading the creation of tools that enable communities to collaborate around open data.
Chris Cooper
Travel & Transport Industry Architect

Focused on the move to mobility. Smarter Transport, Smarter Infrastructure and the impact this will have on society. An IT engineer by training and a social scientist via education.

Certified Architect (Infrastructure) Member of the IET
Primary background in large scale enterprise infrastructure architecture. With a focus on SOA and the systems management of enterprise scale SOA architectures.
Brian Fitzpatrick
Head of Highways
EC Harris
Brian leads the delivery of commercial and technical consultancy for a number of blue chip clients ensuring certainty of outcome and demonstrable value for money is achieved from their investment. Brian's career has focused on the successful planning, creation and operation of Highways Assets. He has worked as both client and consultant to major projects and programmes of technical activity.
Simon Babes Director SKM Colin BuchananKeith Buchan ConsultantTim Stonor Managing Director Space Syntax
Simon Babes
SKM Colin Buchanan

Simon Babes is SKM Colin Buchanan's Regional Client Manager -Transport, currently based in London. Simon is an engineer with a proven track record in the field of pedestrian modelling; working on some of the largest and most complex projects around the world. He led LUL's pedestrian modelling team in the early 2000s after which he moved to China to set up Colin Buchanan's operations there. Simon will soon relocate to Malaysia, leading SKM's transport planning business in SE Asia.
Phillip Vigor
Senior Airport Planner
Mott MacDonald

Phillip has have been working in the aviation industry since 1994, and joined Mott MacDonald in 2009.

He has worked extensively as a masterplanner at some of the major airports witin the UK and a series of international projects including Hong Kong, Oslo, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Maldives, Cayman Islands and Romania.

His specialties include airport master planning, terminal Capacity Assessments, terminal Simulation Modelling, aerodrome safeguarding, and airport Market Research.
Keith Buchan
Metropolitan Transport Research Unit

Keith has over 30 years' experience in transport planning, both in public and private sectors. His work has included objectives led assessment, demand management, induced traffic, "new generation" bus priority and heavy vehicle studies. He was a Government adviser on the 1997 NRTF. In February this year he was elected Chair of the Transport Planning Society.

Tim Stonor
Managing Director
Space Syntax

Tim Stonor is an architect and urban planner who has devoted his career to the analysis and design of human behaviour patterns - the ways in which people move, interact and transact in buildings and urban places. He is an internationally recognised expert in the design of spatial layouts and, in particular, the role of space in the generation of social, economic and environmental value.
Jonathan Tricker
Parsons Brinckerhoff

Jonathan is responsible for leading Parsons Brinkerhoff's masterplanning business within UK. He brings experience in masterplanning, development planning, transportation and urban realm design. He has an emphasis on inter-disciplinary working, both internally and with sub consultants.
Jonathan TylerJohn Swanson Associate Steer Davies Gleave
Nick Bromley

Nick is leading the integration of transport with technology to create 'Smart Cities' infrastructure, using data from mobile networks to track and inform transport modelling, customer behaviour change, and operations management. He comes from the IT industry where he worked with Fujitsu and Nokia, before setting up the Autonomy re-seller PFI Ltd. An innovator, he developed a bus tracking system for WMPTE; designed and built the UK's first branch car hire system for Euro Dollar; led the business development of ICL's transport business in Asia; and started Fujitsu's eCommerce and eGovernment business. Nick was the lead architect for government portals TradeUK and GlobalWatch, and early social media site eCommonwealth, before developing businesslink.
Paul Oesten-Creasy
Associate Director: 3D visualisation
Wagstaffs Design

Paul is an experienced 3D visualiser and leads the delivery of 3D projects at Wagstaffs Design for clients such as London Underground Limited, Docklands Light Railway, BDP, Make Architects, Network Rail and Tesco.

Wagstaffs Design has teamed up with SKM Colin Buchanan to deliver high quality user experiences that marry transport modelling and 3D visualisation. Together we are providing the transport modelling world with improved methods of communicating highly complex outputs, helping transport authorities gain the green light for capital funding to expand existing infrastructure and develop new projects across the globe.

Jon Reades
Reseaarch Associate
Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, UCL

Jon holds a PhD from UCL's Bartlett School of Planning, and an undergraduate degree from Princeton University. His recent work has begun to examine how data drawn from Transport for London's Oyster Card system can shed new light on journey-to-work patterns and the likely impact of 'discontinuities' such as breakdowns, terrorism, and natural calamity on an extraordinarily complex transportation system. This approach seeks to connect physical and digital flows, to the flow of knowledge through the London economy.

Jon's research leverages earlier professional experience with ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) systems and database mining. During my eight years as a consultant, I moved from web application development, to ETL systems, and finally to technical project management, and so have experience of life 'on the coalface' of data consultancy and working with 'big data'.

Jon Tyler
Passenger Transport Networks

Passenger Transport Networks [PTN] is the operational name for the transport consultancy offered by Jonathan Tyler. Jonathan has worked for the railway industry for nearly 50 years and is passionately committed to enhancing public transport.

He is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Logistics and Transport, a Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute for Transport Studies in the University of Leeds and an Honorary Research Fellow at the Institute of Railway Studies and Transport History in the University of York.
John Swanson
Steer Davies Gleave

John Swanson is an Associate with the transport planning consultancy Steer Davies Gleave. He is head of the company's Operational Research group, and also leads its internal R&D function with responsibility for the development of new products and techniques. He has long experience of analytic and modelling work, specialising in land-use and transport modelling, and behavioural modelling, particularly Stated Preference. His academic training was in mathematics and operational research, and prior to joining Steer Davies Gleeve he worked with London Transport and the British Airports Authority.
Luis (Pilo) Willumsen
Professor Andrew Daly
Senior Research Fellow
RAND Europe's Choice Modelling and Valuation Group
Andrew Daly is a Senior Research Fellow in RAND Europe's Choice Modelling and Valuation Group. He is also a Research Professor at the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds and the developer and supporter of the ALOGIT software package for choice modelling.
Previous to working for RAND Europe, Daly was based primarily in The Netherlands, where he was a founder and director of Hague Consulting Group, a small leading-edge transport consultancy. He joined RAND Europe in 2001 with the merger of the organisations. His role is to make his long experience of transport modelling available to enhance the scientific basis of the Choice Modelling and Valuation Group, while introducing the group to university research which helps to extend the boundaries of the work the team can undertake.
Dr Joan Serras
Research Associate
Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London
Joan's research focusses on transport modelling, multi-layered complex systems and network analysis and vulnerability. He is interested in current dicotomies to approach travel demand -trip-based or activity-based- and route assignment -static or dynamic- and the costs and benefits of each one in transport models.

Joan holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Girona and a PhD in Engineering Design for Complex Transportation Systems from the Open University. He spent the next two years after his PhD as a research assistant at the Open University improving the Milton Keynes scenario which he implemented using the TRANSIMS transport model during his PhD. He is currently a visiting research fellow for the Open University.

He became a research associate at CASA on 2010 under the SCALE project which explores the relationship between residential location and travel choice at the level of cities.
Luis (Pilo) Willumsen
The Luis Willumsen Consultancy

He has over 35 years of experience as a consultant, transport planner and researcher with a distinguished academic career.

His experience covers large transport modelling assignments, the direction of numerous traffic and revenue projection projects either for the private sector, financial institutions or government sponsors, different types of rapid transit services including the operational design of Transmilenio in Bogota; he has also experience in Congestion Charging and Area Traffic Control systems.
Gordon Stokes
Honorary Visiting Research Associate, Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford

Gordon Stokes has worked in transport research for 30 years. Current interests include: Analysis of National Travel Survey data studying equity issues as part of the UKTRC social impacts and social equity issues in transport series of framing seminars. Analysis of changes in travel behaviour of different groups of people (by age, income, area of residence and suchlike) to investigate the nature of recent lack of growth in car use.

After researching time-geographic indicators of accessibility for different social groups in the University of Reading he worked on the Tyne and Wear Metro Impact Study and walking as a mode of transport at the Transport and Road Research Laboratory in Crowthorne. Between 1986 and 1995 he worked at Transport Studies Unit in Oxford on a range of areas including analysis of household travel panel surveys, the effects of bus deregulation, attachment to the car and car dependence, and forecasting travel demand in rural areas.

Howard Slavin
President, Caliper Corporation
Caliper Corp

Howard Slavin is the Founder and President of Caliper Corporation. He has more than thirty years of experience in travel demand modeling, geographic information systems, and the development of software for transportation forecasting. Dr. Slavin initiated and has guided the development of all of Caliper's software products including TransCAD, MAPTITUDE, and TransModeler. He holds a BA degree from Yale College in Mathematics and Urban Studies, a Master's degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Harvard University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge in England.
Josep M Aymamí
Senior Project Manager
TSS-Transport Simulation Systems

Josep received a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering in 2007 from the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), specializing in Transportation and Urban Planning. He also holds a post-graduate diploma in Transportation Planning and Management, also from the UPC.
Josep M. Aymamí joined TSS in 2006 as a project engineer.
Some of the projects that Josep has worked on include integrated mobility and optimized traffic control plan for the entire city of Zaragoza, Spain; pedestrian-traffic integration studies for the city of London, UK; the New York City Department of Transport Manhattan Traffic Model; the evacuation time estimate studies for an industrial plant in Canada. More recently, he acted as Project Manager for two Aimsun Online implementations: for Transport for London (UK) and for SANDAG (USA).

Tobias Kretz
Product Manager VISWALK
PTV Vision

Tobias' current occupation is product manager of the microscopic traffic simulation software VISSIM for PTV Planung Transport Verkehr AG, focussing on VISWALK, the pedestrian simulation of VISSIM.
After studying physics studies at Karlsruhe University, he became interested in the simulation of pedestrian flows and everything related with pedestrian dynamics.
To me the field of pedestrian, crowd, and evacuation dynamics is one of the most exciting ones, as it includes references to a large number of research fields. Simulating the dynamics of a large number of pedestrians is challenging in terms of computation resources: The models need to be formulated and implemented in an efficient way.
Collecting large amounts of data in experiments and observations is difficult, as automatic evaluation of the video footage is difficult and the algorithms have just recently been developed and are continuously being improved. Crowd behaviour in dangerous or competitive situations in my eyes sheds a light on very elementary human motivations. Its analysis is interesting to psychology, sociology, human evolution history, game theory, and the philosophy of the mind.
Dr Paul Timms
Senior Research Fellow
Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds

Paul has a BA(Hons) in Mathematics (1974) Oxford University, MSc in Transport Planning and Engineering (1986), University of Leeds, and a PhD in Transport Modelling (1990) from the University of Leeds.
His key research interests are future global mobility scenarios and utopias
Philosophy and history of transport modelling; interpretation of modelling concepts as literary concepts; transferability of transport policies / models between geographical locations, and public participation in transport planning.

He has worked on a large number of research projects concerned with various aspects of transport modelling and transport policy, ranging from traffic signals to world futures. He is ITS Project Manager of a large number of EU-funded research projects
Peter Davidson
Managing Director
Peter Davidson Consultancy

Peter is a chartered civil engineer, experienced transport planner, international expert on transport modelling and principal of his own consultancy. The consultancy was formed in 1988, to consolidate his specialist skills in transportation planning, research, software engineering and more recently business and finance. His background includes twenty five years experience spanning civil engineering, transportation and computing. He has worked overseas in Europe, Jordan, Hong Kong, Malasia, Algeria, Morocco, Dubai, Romania,Qatar, Bahrain, Azerbijan, Ukraine, Khazahkstan and China. He has applied transport models for urban highways in China, toll roads in Morocco, air travel from Scotland, rail studies for British Rail, Network SouthEast and Railtrack, Light Rapid Transit models for Leeds, Bristol and Kingston. He has used and developed several software suites and software products including TRIPS, MOTORS, SATURN, QVIEW, CONTRAM, EMME2, PARAMICS, COBA, TUBA, ERICA4 and has directed PDC's software activities.
Dr Erel Avineri
Reader in Travel Behaviour
Centre for Transport & Society, University of the West of England

Dr Avineri is exploring what influences travel behaviour and road safety behaviour, how to predict it, and how to design measures to change behaviour. Through the use of a range of observation, modelling and analysis approaches, Erel explores issues such as travellers' bounded rationality, the effect of feedback mechanism on travellers' decision-making, and the social interactions between travellers. In his research Erel developed and tested choice models that capture travellers' bounded rationality. He explores the use of 'nudges' to help individuals to highlight the better choices for them - without restricting their freedom of choice.
Dr Erel Avineri received his degrees in Industrial Engineering and Management (B.Sc.) and Transportation Sciences (M.Sc., Ph.D.) from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. He has been a Post-Doctoral research fellow at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Israel). He has been a member of CTS since 2004.
Taro Hallworth
Economic Advisor
Department for Transport

Taro describes himself as an enthusiastic and creative economist with considerable experience analysing governmental policy and market incentives. He is currently an economic advisor at the Department for Transport, where he manages a team providing forecasts, strategic modelling and economic advice on road transport sector demand including projections of traffic, congestion, CO2 and air pollutant emissions.

He also led on DfT's economic strategic modelling of CO2 reducing policies for the road transport sector to meet the first three carbon budgets. Also led on DfT's forecasts of further potential emission abatement for the fourth carbon budget underpinning analysis in DECC's ': Delivering our low carbon future'.

Professor Allan J Brimicombe
Head, Centre for Geo-Information Studies
University of East London

Professor Brimicombe holds BA(Hons) in Geography from Sheffield University, an MPhil in Applied Geomorphology and PhD in Geo-Information Systems both from the University of Hong Kong. Allan is a Chartered Geographer, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, the Geological Society and the Royal Statistical Society, and is an Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences. He was employed in the Far East for 19 years first as an engineering geomorphologist working on large development projects, then as the founding Head of the Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Here he pioneered the use of geo-information systems (GIS) and environmental simulation modelling as spatial decision support systems. In 1995, Allan returned to the UK as Professor and Head of the School of Surveying at the University of East London. His research interests include data quality issues, the use of GIS and numerical simulation modelling, spatial data mining and analysis, and location-based services (LBS).
Kristian Kloeckl
Leader, Real-time city research initiative, MIT SENSEable City Lab
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Kristian Kloeckl is a research scientist and Leader of the MIT SENSEable City Lab Real Time City Group, heading the following projects: LIVE Singapore research initiative; Audi Aida research project; SNCF real time data for public transport project.
He is a lecturer at IUAV, Faculty of design and art, Venice, Italy, where from 2009-2010, he worked in the Nanodesign research unit. He was founding director of the research unit, heading the following projects: Research on nanotechnology and packaging design for agricultural produce together with Civen nanotech laboratories and the Italian agricultural association Coldiretti; Agripod, prototype development of tracking and information visualization system for the communication of quality and origin/production sequence of agricultural products to end users. Collaboration with the Italian agricultural association Coldiretti.
David Simmonds
David Simmonds Consultancy

David Simmonds studied Town and Country Planning at Newcastle University, and researched the use of urban models in planning for his PhD dissertation at Cambridge. He subsequently worked first for the Group Planning department of what was then the London Transport Executive (now Transport for London), and subsequently for ME&P, where he worked on a series of MEPLAN applications in the UK and overseas. Since 1990, he has been a principal of David Simmonds Consultancy, working on a variety of analysis and modelling, but in particular specialisting in land-use/transport interaction. From 1995 onwards, much of that work on land-use/transport interaction has centred on the development and use of the DELTA package, which is now widely used in conjunction with a variety of different transport models.
Dr Sean Beevers
Senior Lecturer in Air Quality Modelling
MEnvironmental Research Group, King's College London

Sean manages the air quality modelling group within ERG and is a senior lecturer within the MRC centre. The focus of the modelling group is assessing the air quality impacts of transport strategies in London (Mayors Air Quality Strategy) and the development of an emissions and modelling capability at spatial scales ranging from European to local street scale. The exposure outputs from ERG's air quality model continue to be used widely within and outside the MRC centre and include exposure to NO2 and PM around Heathrow, Particle Matter (PM) and Oxidative Potential (OP) exposure in London and NO2 and PM in London for the HEI. ERG's emissions inventory capability is also providing inputs to the EU projects MEGAPOLI and BRIDGE.
Rafal Kucharski
Founder, i2 intelligent-infrastructure
Xerox Research Centre Europe

Rafal Kucharski is a PhD candidate at Cracow University of Technology. In his research he focuses on how to model dynamic rerouting around spontaneous bottlenecks in macroscopic traffic models. He both models and create tools for modelling. He has founded i2 Intelligent-Infrastructure -
a company providing personalized PTV Visum plugins tailored for specific needs. As i2 he has created set of tools covering optimization, data-integration, data-processing, GIS integration and more. He tries to show that refined transport modeling can be done with commercial packages and doesn't require writing software from scratch.
Guillaume Bouchard
Research Fellow
Xerox Research Centre Europe (XRCE)

Xerox Transportation Analytics is analysing fare collection systems based on contactless cards and connected to central management systems that open transportation systems to new opportunities in the 'big data' era, enabling a better understanding and optimization of the infrastructure.

Every magnetic or contactless card transaction contains information about when and where a passenger boarding happens. The use of this data to study transportation demand, detect passenger activity patterns and optimize networks accordingly was so far an exercise limited to the academic domain.

In this talk, we present an extension of ACS Atlas® fare collection systems allowing city planners, urban network operators and even users to easily understand the transportation demand of a city. The system takes the fare collection systems as input data source and processes it with suitable data mining and visualization techniques.

We will present the use of the fare collection data in order to visualize demand in combination with GIS, its evolution over time, the characterization of geographical areas based on boarding patterns, the estimation of origin-destinations matrices and finally the estimation of vehicle load solely based on fare collection boarding events as provided by the fare collection systems.
Maarten Kroes
Steer Davis Gleave

Maarten Kroes has 15 years consultancy experience with a strong track record of providing strategic advice to transport operators, infrastructure developers, government organisations and financial institutions around the world. He has gained significant knowledge of privately-financed transport infrastructure projects supporting road, railway and light-rail systems during various phases of project development. He also has extensive experience in the specification and management of market research, data collection and behavioural research programs.
Maarten provides policy, traffic and revenue advice to private infrastructure developers and government organisations. He has advised on a substantial number of heavy rail, light rail and road infrastructure projects around the world; in particular in Europe, North America and sub-Saharan Africa.
Danielle Czauderna
Steer Davis Gleave

Danielle Czauderna has ten years' experience with the transport planning consultancy, Steer Davies Gleave. Her areas of specialism include behavioural research with Stated Preference, and demand forecasting, particularly for privately financed schemes worldwide.
Tom Westendorp
Business Development

With over 1 billion drivers on the road, traffic congestion is a problem felt all over the world. TomTom contributes to reduce traffic congestion by opening up unique real time and historical traffic content to governments and enterprises.

TomTom makes available the largest car centric database of more than 5 trillion anonymously-collected data points, providing analysis to predict driving behavior across the road network. TomTom has a unique tool to analyse journey times and delays for each section of a specific road or route during different times of the day.

Some examples of current use of the TomTom data are before and after analysis, bottleneck analysis, journey time monitoring and modeling.

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