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Expanding the horizons for forecasting, decision-making, and information presentation.
Building on the content of previous years we have established an exciting line-up of top-class speakers in their field, who each will deal with one of the many issues facing the modelling profession and those involved in critical forecasting and decision-making.

Join us for exciting presentations, in-depth debate and stimulating new insights. Click here to be there!
09:30 - Morning plenary
Modelling and forecasting in a changing world: decision-making in a time of uncertainty and new challenges
Chair: Tom Van Vuren, Divisional Director, Mott MacDonald and Visiting Professor, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds

Confronting business and policy risk: learning from the sharp end of decision-making.

Paal Olafsen of the internationally renowned corporate risk specialist Strategy @ Risk examines the context for forecasting and making choices in an uncertain world.

John Polak, Professor of Transport Demand, Imperial College London give an overview of the exploding world of information and decision making challenges.
11:00 - Morning tea and coffee
11:30 - Choose from 1 of 3 morning seminars
Challenges in practice for tomorrows modeller

Chair - Tom Van Vuren

Challenges for tomorrow's modeller - perspectives from London
Nigel Campbell, Director of Policy Analysis, TfL

Modelling regeneration
Marcial Echenique, Professor of Land Use and Transport Studies, University of Cambridge

Modelling Carbon Impacts - How are carbon impacts currently being modeled and what is the scope for improvement
Steven Fraser and Tamsin Macmillan, Atkins

Measuring network resilience and identifying network 'hotspots'
Eddie Strankalis, Hyder Consulting
Winning efficiencies

Chair - Emma Cockburn, London Borough of Havering

Data Collection - opportunities and costs
Paul O'Neill, MD, Intelligent Data

Traffic Model Input Data, Calibration and Validation - Horses for Courses
Boris Johansson, Technical Director, SIAS

Transport management, data and modelling
Richard Marriot, Managing Director, Drakewell
3D and 4D Modelling & Simulation for Urban Activities and Mobility
Chair - Pete Ferguson, Economic Geographer & Urban Designer

3D urban simulation and its applications in city planning for buildings and mobility.
Stéphane Gourgout, Bionatics

Extending the capabilities of 3D modelling, including traffic simulation and human behaviour in urban spaces.
Simon Leng, Presagis

The potential to use 3D town/city and regional modelling in order to support sustainable decision making.
Mike Starr, Cicada Design

Illustrating the impacts and benefits of changes to the urban realm.
Janine Tijou, Design Hive
13:15 - Lunch served in the exhibition hall
14:30 - Choose from 1 of 4 afternoon seminars
Methods for tomorrow's modeller

Chair - Tom Van Vuren

Activity-based modelling
Peter Davidson, Peter Davidson Consultancy

Short-term dynamics
Nanne van der Zijpp, Tripcast, Netherlands

Modal choice decision making by travellers: embracing changing behaviour in a world of exploding information on options and ever changing prices
Luis (Pilo) Willumsen, Luis Willumsen Consultancy
New thinking on data

Chair - Gerard O'Regan, Nationwide Data Collection

Data Fusion
Shaleen Srivastava, Technical Director - Highways, Jacobs

Origin-destination matrices from GPS data-sources
Robert Holtom, Principal Project manager - GIS Mott MacDonald and Traffic MASTER

Open Data and advances in low-cost modelling
Martin Bach, Director, Minnerva
Commercial, urban and transport environments
Chair - Chris Pyatt, Technical Director, Colin Buchanan

Monitoring, interpreting & influencing crowd behaviour
Barbara Operschall, Yellowfish

Combining crowd agent based modelling with functional block modelling
Olaf Junker, Airport Research Centre

Simulating the behaviour of individuals on a journey through a passenger terminal environment
Sandra Weddell, TfL
A new era for Vehicle simulation: Harnessing the latest tools
Experts in the field will look at the current challenges being faced by modellers responsible for optimising highway capacity and catering for traffic in new kinds of built environments, including shared street spaces in urban areas and car parking environments.

Chair - Peter Stonham, Editorial Director, Local Transport Today

The OpenDRIVE Project
Marius Dupuis, General Manager from VIRES.

OpenDRIVE allows for detailed modelling of vehicle movements and the interface between driver and vehicle behaviour and highway system and facility design.

Roundabout Design and Analysis
Nigel Peters, Director of Savoy Computing Services & Mike Hutt from TRL.

In this session we will discuss advancements in roundabout design and analysis including a major innovation with BIM links to Arcady, AutoTrack and Civil3D.
16:00 - Afternoon tea and coffee
16:45 - Afternoon plenary
The day ends with a challenging debate.

Chair - John Bates, Mathematical Economist

Evidence based decision-making versus decision-driven evidence gathering.
Alan Wenban Smith, Principal, Urban & Regional Policy consultancy, Chris Riley, Associate, Oxera
Two leading proponents from the profession discuss the implications of the recent Government announcement on appraisal. Does the move to the 'five cases' mean a fundamental change with a truly broader range of social and value judgements brought to bear, or is it a small step in an incremental improvement process, protecting the economic rigour of the previous approach in NATA?
18:00 - Conference close
The day concludes with networking drinks in the main exhibition area
19:00 - Event close
**New for 2011**


A special focus on automotive simulation has been added to the programme. We will address how simulation used in vehicle design and performance assessment is becoming available to those responsible for providing highway capacity and catering for the car in different traffic situations and parking environments.

Specialists in driving, traffic and scenario simulation will take part in an afternoon session presenting the latest techniques, best practice, and applications in this fast evolving area.

Marius Dupuis, the General Manager from VIRES, will be demonstrating their OpenDRIVE Project. Used by Audi,BMW, Daimler, VTI and many more, OpenDRIVE was developed as a way of standardizing the logical road description in order to facilitate data exchange between different driving simulators. It allows for detailed modelling of vehicle movements and the interface between driver and vehicle behaviour and highway system and facility design.

Nigel Peters, Director of Savoy Computing Services & Mike Hutt from TRL will discuss advancements in roundabout design and analysis including a major innovation with BIM links to Arcady, AutoTrack and Civil3D.

Attendance exclusively at this specialist afternoon session costs £150 + VAT. Attendees will also have the chance to visit the exhibition. Add a standard delegate place to your shopping basket and enter promocode MWSIMULATION to activate the discount and attend this session exclusively.

Attending the whole event will allow participation in wider discussions about the evolution of behaviour modelling, data collection and presentation and the ways in which decision making and evaluation can be improved by the latest modelling, simulation and visualisation techniques. Attendance at the full Modelling World conference, including access to the specialist afternoon session, costs only £275 + VAT.>
Published programme is subject to change.
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16 June 2011 | Chelsea Football Club, London

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