Wednesday 10 July 2019

Alexandra Palace, London

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Project Centre Transport for London London Borough of Haringey

Project Centre

Project Centre offer a range of services focused on providing local authorities with the very best planning, design and engineering solutions for traffic, highways, public realm, regeneration and parking projects.

As part of Project Centre’s offer they run effective engagement projects, such as consultations, public events and workshops on behalf of councils, to ensure that the community and key stakeholders are involved in the designs and solutions they create.

You can view all their live online projects here.

Transport for London

TfL is responsible for London's network of principal routes, structures and services.

More than 27 million journeys are made across London every day, from local walks to deliveries, cycle trips to the daily commute.

In order to keep London moving and meet future demand, our road network and the way we manage it needs to be modernised. As part of our Road Modernisation Plan innovative designs are being implemented to transform cycling in London and to improve the environment for all road users.

Haringey Council

Making streets healthy is at the heart of the Haringey Transport Strategy. Haringey want to have a reputation for being a walking and cycling borough where more journeys are taken by walking, cycling and using public transport than the private car. Promoting active travel, the use of electric vehicles and achieving a public transport system which is accessible and step free will improve the wellbeing of residents, reduce obesity and improve air quality.

Liveable Crouch End Haringey Cycling Campaign

Liveable Crouch End

Haringey Council has been awarded funding from Transport for London to deliver a Liveable Neighbourhoods scheme, an exciting project that aims to create attractive and healthy neighbourhoods for residents, visitors and businesses. We are in the pre-engagement stage of design and we would like to ask you what kind of improvements you want to see and what is important to the community in Crouch End.

Haringey Cycling Campaign

Haringey Cycling Campaign is the local group of the London Cycling Campaign, which provides a voice for everyone who cycles or wants to cycle in London. Also known as ‘Haringey Cyclists’, we are the voice for cyclists who live, work or cycle through the borough.

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