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FWT TransportAPI Mobox


FWT was founded in 1973 and since then has established a worldwide reputation for the provision of high quality passenger transport information. Our goal has always been to understand our clients’ problems and offer them wide ranging solutions that make their products the best.

We have always believed that providing information that is accurate and easy to use are the main factors that underpin any successful passenger transport information strategy.

Many examples of our work can be found on our website: from auditing of networks through to design and full implementation of information schemes; from schematic maps to full system GIS consultancy; from paper to automatic timetable production.

We now have over 300 clients across the UK, Europe and USA.



The most comprehensive transport data platform for the UK.

We are Britain’s first, comprehensive open solution for transport data. We’ve got over 1500 developers and organisations building on our platform with all the open data feeds you need from our key industry sources. Open content, no downstream IP with simple pricing structures backed by guarantees.



The benefits of creating better integrated and connected cities are clear – increased economic growth, improvements in the quality of life for residents and businesses along with better visitor experience, whilst at the same time reducing the impact on the environment.

Mobility Oxford (MobOx) is embarking on the second phase of an ambitious project to improve the experience of transportation in and around the City by creating open systems, processes and technologies that will benefit residents, businesses and visitors alike.


Oxfordshire County Council Smart Oxford Department for Transport

Oxfordshire County Council

Oxfordshire is the most rural county in the South East. It has a population of around 666,100, one third of which lives in towns or villages of less than 10,000 people.

The county is a popular visitor destination for its rural beauty, numerous market towns and Oxford city itself, which has earned a global reputation for its academic and architectural splendour. Oxford is also a global centre of publishing.

Oxfordshire has consistently high levels of employment and the workforce is amongst the most highly-qualified in the country. World-class business clusters include bioscience, advanced motorsport engineering, scientific research and cryogenics.


Smart Oxford

Smart Oxford is the strategic programme of a wide range of city partners working together to develop and promote Oxford as a smart city. By 'smart' we mean creating an environment and infrastructure that engages with the current step-change in digital technologies to support the generation & sharing of city information and to facilitate the development of innovative city-related solutions more effectively, cheaply, sustainably, fairly and inclusively.

The Vision of Smart Oxford is of a city where innovative ideas, active citizens, and aligned stakeholders come together to co-create a better Oxford.

Our region has challenging environmental, transportation, social and housing problems, but also the capacity and capability to develop, test and deploy the technologies that can help address them.

Our aim is to build a stronger, safer, economically and environmentally sustainable city, to help its people to identify and be part of city solutions, to provide a testbed for world class researchers and innovators, to generate growth and jobs, to advance economic & social prosperity, and to help improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of city services.


Department for Transport

We work with our agencies and partners to support the transport network that helps the UK’s businesses and gets people and goods travelling around the country. We plan and invest in transport infrastructure to keep the UK on the move.

We are responsible for:

  • providing policy, guidance, and funding to English local authorities to help them run and maintain their road networks, improve passenger and freight travel, and develop new major transport schemes

  • investing in, maintaining and operating around 4,300 miles of the motorway and trunk road network in England through Highways England

  • setting the strategic direction for the rail industry in England and Wales – funding investment in infrastructure through Network Rail, awarding and managing rail franchises, and regulating rail fares

  • improving English bus services through funding and regulation

  • working to make our roads less congested and polluted by promoting lower carbon transport, including cycling and walking

  • encouraging the use of new technology such as smart ticketing and low carbon vehicles

  • maintaining high standards of safety and security in transport

  • supporting the maritime sector by producing the overall strategy and planning policy for ports in England and Wales

  • setting national aviation policy, working with airlines, airports, the Civil Aviation Authority and NATS (the UK’s air traffic service)


Transport Systems Catapult Transport Data Initiative TravelSpirit

Transport Systems Catapult

Our mission is to drive global leadership in Intelligent Mobility, promoting sustained economic growth and wellbeing through integrated, efficient and sustainable transport systems.

The Transport Systems Catapult is one of ten elite technology and innovation centres established and overseen by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK.

We were created to drive and promote Intelligent Mobility – using new and emerging technologies to transport people and goods more smartly and efficiently.

We are helping UK businesses create products and services that meet the needs of the world’s transport systems as they respond to ever-stretching demands. We help sell UK capability on the global stage, while also promoting the UK as a superb test bed for the transportation industry.

With a clear emphasis on collaboration, we are bringing together diverse organisations across different modes of transport, breaking down barriers and providing a unique platform for meeting the world’s most pressing transport challenges.


Transport Data Initiative

The Transport Data Initiative is led by commercially minded local authorities who’s aim is to improve the way their transport data is utilised and in turn improving the cost of delivery. By being a part of this forum you will gain the tools and knowledge to make the most out of your existing data by giving you the opportunity to commercialise these assets whilst still maintaining control.

Through our existing network of professionals we can enable local authorities to adopt a large scale city solutions on an affordable budget. We can also improve cross county collaboration by identifying our common problems and future challenges and developing integrated solutions to resolve these.



TravelSpirit will be a Mobility as a Service infrastructure resource for mobility operators and transport authorities, licensed under MPLV2, built with a global community of business with a diverse range of business interests (either in terms of different types products and services or application in different geo-spatial and cultural domains) with a common vision.


Exeter City Futures City Science

Exeter CityFutures

Globally the world’s cities are faced with severe strains on their infrastructure, public services and their local and regional resources. Many are creating programmes to consider ways to redesign and reorganise to ensure that citizens get a better level of service, a better quality of life and the city prospers economically.

Exeter’s economic success means its population is growing, attracting commuters from across Devon and beyond, affecting and increasing the region’s energy use and costs. Without change, the strain on our roads and energy resources has the potential to negatively affect the well-being of citizens and our future sustainability.

The region’s challenge is to find solutions to reduce energy consumption and remove congestion in the face of increasing population and roads which are already at maximum capacity.


City Science

City Science is an analytics and software company that aims to revolutionize the way we capture and interpret data about cities. We enable data-driven decision making, providing insights and tools to make cities fit for the demands of modern living. Working with our partner cities we use data to develop new solutions, identify efficiency opportunities and inform policy options.


City Science is at the cutting edge of transportation research, combining data from multiple sources and modern big-data methods to create new insights about how people and goods move around our cities. We can provide holistic analyses of how your city is functioning, traditional transportation modelling, business case development, data capture advice, sustainable transport strategies, transport impact assessments and bespoke research into air quality, road safety or other transport-related issues.


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