C2. Rediweld

 Rediweld Traffic Products

Rediweld is a leading UK manufacturer of an extensive range of Traffic Calming, Cycle Separation and Site Safety Products, which has been the result of extensive research and development.

This has created a range of sustainable products using recycled rubber in a unique low energy manufacturing process. It accounts for 40 tonnes of material being used per month. At the end of its life the rubber modules can themselves be recycled and used in many different ways.

With the encouragement of cycling and walking, liveable neighbourhood schemes over the last 4 years include our Innovative rubber products being able to offer various solutions, such as Islands for Planters, seating areas, light segregation products for cycle lanes and even a children’s play maze. We know that the appearance and aesthetics of our products are important to our customers. This is enhanced by the use of cast iron moulds that give a soft, organic surface finish and a granite colour which is suited to sensitive or heritage locations.  

The Rediweld Orca range of cycle safety products has evolved rapidly over these four years. From our first schemes with the Orca and cycle lanes being installed today, we have gained valuable experience and knowledge as a result of extensive consultations with engineers, planners, cycling groups and local authorities, including TfL. This has helped us develop successful products that have met our customers objectives.

Cycle Lane products include the original Orca, MiniOrca, Greenwich Wand Orca & Kerb Orca, we also have a more full segregation solution with our range of Splitter Islands that are 250, 400, 500 & 600 mm wide.  Along with these we are also able to offer a wide range of Traffic calming products offering various safety measures compared to traditional materials which offer cost effective solutions, reduced permit costs and no excavations, these include Traficop Speed Cushions, Surface Kerbing, Combination and Raised tables, Vehicle Stoppers, Jislon Pole Cone range and Exclusive mobility products.

For more information then please speak with our sales team for further details and hear about our latest Innovative products.