B1. Living Streets

Living Streets is the UK charity for everyday walking. 

We want to create a nation where walking is the natural choice for everyday, local journeys; free from congested roads and pollution, reducing the risk of preventable illnesses and social isolation. We want to achieve a better walking environment and to inspire people of all generations to enjoy the benefits the simple act of walking brings. 

Living Streets was founded in 1929 and has been a beacon for walking ever since. In our early days our campaigning led to the UK’s first zebra crossings and speed limits. Now we work across the UK to campaign for safe, accessible and welcoming streets for all. We also inspire people to walk more through our award-winning initiatives, including the UK’s largest walk to school programme. 

Our aims as we take steps towards our centenary: 

  • Space: a network of walking routes in every town and city, creating safe and attractive places for people of all ages and abilities.

  • Safety: the Highway Code revised to improve safety for people walking and cycling.

  • Speed: a lower default speed limit to 20mph for most roads in built up areas.

  • Priority: pavement parking prohibited across the UK.

  • Health: at least 55% of primary age children walking to school.

  • Community for Change: a thriving network of Living Streets Local Groups.

www.livingstreets.org.uk /  Twitter: @livingstreets / Instagram: @livingstreets