Love to Ride 

With a UK base in Bristol, Love to Ride continue lead the way in cycling encouragement and behaviour change. Their unique approach, fun and engaging programmes, sophisticated technology platform and unrivalled behaviour change results have won them global awards and wide-ranging respect. Love to Ride to achieve the best possible returns form their low-cost, high-achieving programmes, creating value and legacy in their work by adopting a clever mix of cutting edge technology and human interaction.

Since 2007, Love to Ride have worked closely with central and local government, health, higher education, transport authorities and organisations of all sizes from all sectors. The Love to Ride year-round programme is now well established in the UK, EU, US, Australia and New Zealand with seasonal interventions such as Ride to Work Week, Cycle September and Winter Wheelers reaching and rewarding new and existing riders by understanding barriers to cycling and helping to overcome them.

Love to Ride are represented at the 2019 Health Summit by Sam, Jack, Gideon, Fleur and Christian - do come and chat to find out more about our work in the UK and overseas and hear the exciting plans we have in store for the next 12 months. Also look out for our presentation 'Cycle Stories - a very healthy intervention' where we will be tapping into the rich fabric of real-life stories about how cycling can be a life-changing - and life-saving - event.