City Science

City Science is a software & research company providing tools, analytics and research to the transport and energy sectors. City Science focuses on providing insights and decision-making tools in a user-friendly, repeatable and scalable way.

Our consultancy team comprises experienced Transport Modellers, Researchers, Data Scientists, Statisticians, and Subject Matter Experts. The team delivers a range of bespoke projects to public and private sector clients across the country including advanced simulation covering freight, transport demand modelling, network resilience, cycling and walking, CAVs, battery storage and energy infrastructure.

City Science’s flagship transport product is Cadence – a comprehensive suite of modern modelling, analytics and visualisation tools for transport professionals. Cadence supports existing transport models such as SATURN, TNTP and a wide range of open source and commercial datasets, allowing users to quickly and collaboratively plan, build, analyse and visualise transport impacts under a range of future projections and scenarios, whilst overlaying a variety of other datasets such as air quality, demographics and house prices to ensure maximum context and increased modelling accuracy.

The network visualisation capabilities of Cadence allow users to easily generate high quality, easy-to-understand outputs to support decision-making and showcase content for stakeholders. Embedded version control enables distributed teams to work collaboratively on models and for every change to be logged, tracked and quality assured. Further information about Cadence and live a demonstration can be found here -

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