Passenger Technology Group is the transport subsidiary of Bournemouth-based technology company Base, founded in 2015. Passenger delivers scalable digital technology to bus operators. This includes mobile ticketing, passenger information apps, voice assistant technology, websites, data feeds for operators and customer support teams, kiosks and display boards.
At Passenger, we believe that bus journeys should be straight-forward, from planning to paying to boarding. Operators striving to achieve total customer accessibility across their services gain from collaborating with a team who hold this at the heart of product innovation, without compromising on product stability. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate success metric in every project.

Passenger empowers the operator with the smart tools necessary for better travel experiences for their customers, while connecting passengers to their services in real-time. By working closely with our operators we've discovered what really matters to customers when using technology to travel their networks. We strive to provide systems that offer convenience, accessibility and reliability, no matter what medium users choose to engage with, be that mobile, web or voice.

We have deployed Passenger in several towns and cities in the UK, each application receiving considerably higher than average customer feedback for operator-branded mobile apps. We have had incredible success launching Passenger in even more locations, as the product has developed into a key retail channel for the industry.

Among our happy partners are Yellow Buses, Brighton & Hove, Reading Buses, GoAhead Ireland, Nottingham City Transport, Cardiff Bus and Blackpool Transport.