PATROL (Parking and Traffic Regulations Outside London) represents 310 Local Authorities in England and Wales who undertake civil enforcement of parking, bus lanes and, in Wales, moving traffic. The main purpose of PATROL is to provide access to independent adjudication for appeals against penalty charge notices arising from enforcement. Adjudication is delivered through the Traffic Penalty Tribunal.

In addition to representing member authorities on a range of parking and traffic related issues, PATROL is also committed to improving public information and transparency about civil enforcement. The annual PATROL PARC Awards, launched in 2009, promote and share best practice amongst councils in the production of parking annual reports. PATROL has produced a toolkit to assist local authorities in producing reports and reporting on statistics and finance.

As well as promoting improved public information and transparency in local authority reporting through the production of annual reports, the PATROL Joint Committee has also supported the Traffic Penalty Tribunal in its drive for a more efficient and transparent appeal process through investment in the Tribunal’s online appeals portal, which has transformed the handling of appeals for all concerned.