Best Workplace Travel Plan Award

This Award recognises the people who have enabled the journey to an employment location to be improved through the effective adoption of smarter travel principles, with significant numbers of people switching from car driver alone commuting to more sustainable travel.

Specific criteria for this award:

Your application should include details of:

  • How and why the intervention to support smarter travel was undertaken by the organisation at this time, e.g. parking pressure, change of business location, active and supportive CEO;

  • What changes were made, e.g. to the physical environment, transport-related offers, marketing, changes in work practices and support from senior management;

  • Data showing the change in travel to work mode on the site, before, during (if available) and after the intervention; and

  • How the gains are going to be sustained over time and preferably improved upon.

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Smarter Travel Awards 2017
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19 October 2017
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Smarter Travel Awards 2017