Towards a dynamic allocation of street-space in urban areas
Peter Jones, Professor of Transport and Sustainable Development, Centre for Transport Studies, UCL

MaaS, Electric vehicles, automated vehicles and delivery drones call for a rethink of the functions and design of major urban roads. Peter Jones explains how road space management in real time is being addressed in the EU-funded MORE project.


How to make parking forgettable using digital transformation
Dan Hubert, CEO & Founder, AppyParking

Councils are faced with ever increasing demands for access to their kerbside for parking, loading, deliveries and setting down passengers. Creating a digital twin of the city will enable councils to better manage their valuable kerbside assets and create more liveable streets.


Urban cycling: data collection and micro movement analysis with computer vision using AI software
Tom Bailey, Development Director, Streets Systems 

Movement studies using computer vision surveys and AI software to record the paths of tens of thousands of cyclist and pedestrians per day through public space. These new data collection methods pose important questions on how we use this data, and how policy makers can and should react when faced with inequalities in allocations of space, time and quality of service for cyclists and pedestrians at junctions.