A revolutionary parcel delivery pipeline
Phill Davies, Co-Founder, Magway

Magway is a 'delivery utility', delivering parcels between distribution centres and consolidation centres via underground pipelines similar to those used by water, gas and electricity companies, so reducing Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) from the road network and decreasing emissions, accidents and road maintenance costs.


FUTURES: Future Uncertainty Toolkit for understanding and responding to an evolving society
Paul Hammond, Global Practice Leader for Economics

A new approach to transport planning that enables clients to decide on their direction of travel and provides measures to support decision making in the face of uncertainty, particularly at the strategic planning stage. 


Ride happy, walk happy, arrive happy: decarbonising transport 
John Smith and Claire Hering, Programme Development Officers, Merseytravel

The Liverpool City Region is helping to decarbonise transport by developing a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan on a massive scale. Up to 600km of potential routes have been identified and 31 key corridors are being proposed, linking employment opportunities and residential areas. The routes will be rolled out for design and implementation over the next 10 years.


An urban planning platform
Jonathan Moore, City Executive, Manchester and the North, Arcadis 

A unique urban planning platform using data to evidence decision making in an open environment. Designed by planners for planners, developers, land owners and investors in the UK to create dynamic, citizen centric and equitable outcomes when planning for local communities.


Optimise Prime: commercial EVs
Dr Sung Pil Oe

Optimise Prime is the world’s biggest trial of commercial EVs. It seeks to understand and minimise the impact the electrification of commercial vehicles will have on distribution networks, and enable faster transition to electric for commercial fleets and private hire vehicle operators.


Short-term air quality and traffic predictions                             
Gavin Jackman, Aimsun

This talk will investigate the impact of traffic management strategies in real-time on the Oxford City road network and the surrounding strategic interurban such as the A34 and A40. The Network Emissions/Vehicle Flow Management Adjustment (NEVFMA) project  provides short-term air quality and traffic predictions, based on a network of sensors and dynamic simulation.