Hackney: Implementing ULEV Streets
Luuk van Kessel, Senior Transport Planner, London Borough of Hackney

This talk will explore how policy, legislative and institutional frameworks encourage or discourage the implementation of Ultra Low Emission Streets. Very few schemes have actually been implemented, and there is a discrepancy between what policy demands and what practice can deliver.


Cleaner air for all: challenges and opportunities
Larissa Lockwood, Head of Health and Air Quality, Global Action Plan

This session will inform local authorities about free initiatives and resources to help cities improve air pollution, with a view to getting more people and organisations involved and providing them with the tools to improve air quality and health.


Smart air quality communication and modelling
Paul Osborne, Associate, SYSTRA

Primary research from Bradford, Sheffield and Rotherham provide insight into the current attitudes and travel behaviour of the owners and users of older/more-polluting vehicles, their likely response to Clean Air Zone charging measures, and the level of support for this type of intervention among the wider public.



How local authorities can access data on sustainable travel behaviour and CO2 savings from their area
Andrew Anderson, Product Specialist, Liftshare

Having processed over 250,000 postcodes, Liftshare now have a wealth of knowledge on how Local Authorities can better use, implement and incentivise sustainable travel within their region. Liftshare will explain how regions can build up this data picture themselves at zero cost.



Future-proofing EV infrastructure
Fiona Appleton, Relationship Manager, Local Transport (North), EST

The talk will explore charging behaviours, procurement models and vehicle market trends, helping authorities to decide the best charging types to consider, and how to roll out charging infrastructure.It will also include information on EST’s Local Government Support Programme (funded by the DfT and JAQU).


Powered two-wheelers: an air quality solution
Colin Brown, Director of Campaigns and Political Engagement, Motorcycle Action Group (MAG)

Devolving responsibility to local authorities to provide air quality solutions could mean that no co-ordinated approach to improving air quality is developed. MAG outlines how powered two-wheelers can be part of a national solution.


Plan ahead and keep moving in the West Midlands
Deborah Fox, Head of Demand Management, Transport for West Midlands

The scale of disruption around major housing, transport and regeneration schemes in the region offers a significant opportunity to work with residents, businesses and visitors, embedding new travel choices to improve air quality and health and wellbeing benefits.