Using game principles and technology to engage citizens
Marc Harris, Research and Evidence Lead, Intelligent Health

Beat the Street uses innovate communications to engage citizens in order to transform community-wide levels of active travel by turning a town or city into a game. Players register walking and cycling journeys by tapping a smartcard on RFID readers. 


Nathan Watt, Senior Consultant, Intelligent Mobility, Atkins
Making Future Mobility Zones a reality

'The Future of Mobility: Urban Strategy' published by the UK Government in March 2019 sets out the future vision for integrated, smart cities that can meet the continually changing mobility requirements of today’s society. But what does that mean in terms of planning developments today that support the vision of tomorrow?


The Travelwest challenge: public engagement using a digital app
Chris Bristow, COO, BetterPoints

To encourage sustainable travel, six different behaviour change techniques were employed: feedback, social support, behavioural practice/rehearsal, behavioural substitution, generalisation of target behaviour and identification as a role model, with 'prizes' for challenge 'winners'.