Future Coders is a Liverpool-based tech firm that connects with universities, SMEs, Health, Social Care and Public Sector organisations to develop use cases for emerging technology. Future Coders was incepted in 2012 by co-founders Max Zadow and Joe McLaughlin, initially to focus on the teaching of new media production skills, from creative coding to media law. 

Since then, Future Coders has substantially expanded its remit and has been involved with development of a wide range of use cases, including autonomous vehicles, medical devices, telecommunications, emergency services, defence and disability-friendly digital technology. Future Coders also provides expert bidwriting services. Driven by an inclusive approach to tech, we want to hear from those we can help to make dreams a reality. We consult around taking ideas from TRL1 to TRL7. (Google "Technology readiness level" if you don’t know what this means!). Future Coders provides services for:



Market research

Business Development