WSP is one of the world's leading professional services consulting firms. We are dedicated to our local communities and propelled by international brainpower. We are technical experts and strategic advisors including engineers, technicians, scientists, architects, planners, surveyors and environmental specialists. With 7,800 talented people in the UK, we engineer projects that will help societies grow for lifetimes to come. 

We’re on the cusp of a mobility revolution. The modes of travel we’re familiar with are facing competition from a wave of new, disruptive mobility services that will change how we travel, how goods are delivered and even when and where we work.

Our clients are navigating through a time of trial and experimentation. For a number of years and together with clients, we’ve been exploring what connected, autonomous, shared and electric vehicles will mean in practice, and the new business models that might support them, through our New Mobility Now and Making Better Places research.

WSP is unique in taking a wider, pragmatic view of the smart and active mobility agenda to understand the impact on the physical environment, assets and their uses – bringing together policy-makers and the private sector. We also believe that positively promoting active travel whilst encouraging smart mobility is key to delivering sustainable communities, low-emission, healthy cities and a strong economy.

We work with sub-national transport bodies and cities to understand a range of potential mobility futures to develop transport strategies and scheme designs that are Future Ready. We’re also at the forefront of delivering active travel infrastructure – from working with national government on cycling infrastructure design guidance, to supporting over 40 local authorities to complete their first Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans.

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