You Smart Thing

N5 - You. Smart. Thing.

You. Smart. Thing. is a cloud-based travel demand management platform for destination owners that need to manage people-flow and visitor experience. It utilises unique identity governance technology and an innovative distributed Travel Assistant interface.

By embedding the You. Smart. Thing. Travel Assistant into existing customer touchpoints organisations can offer personalised travel advice to employees and visitors to their venues and events. The platform offers the capability to deliver bespoke routing to a range of destinations including offices or factories, health and education institutions, transport hubs, sports stadiums, theatres and festivals.

Like Google Maps, the Travel Assistant is easy to add to a website, social media post or mobile app. Unlike Google, it offers destination and transport operators a valuable ‘travel forecast’ of people’s intended travel plans alongside real-time messaging. Features include the ability to curate door-to-door journeys via the most appropriate route, transport modes and complimentary services, including booking assistance if required.