N1 - Greenkeeper

Greenkeeper is a new online tool, developed to help us more effectively value urban green infrastructure. Since securing funding from IUK in 2017, Vivid Economics and Barton Willmore have been collaborating with the European Centre for Environment & Human Health at the University of Exeter to develop advanced methodologies for valuing the social (physical health & wellbeing), environmental (carbon sequestration and air quality) and economic benefits greenspace provides.  Our growing housing crisis, a desire for urban intensification and pressure around the need for healthy lifestyles is all impacting upon the way we design, amend and use urban greenspace and the delivery of successful, tailored public realm is key to the success of all urban regeneration projects. Once launched in January 2020, we believe our intuitive map-based tool will assist urban planners, designers and investors alike in better understanding the performance of their portfolio and where investment may be best targeted, to maximise impact and return on investment, within both existing and new green infrastructure.  It will allow us all to move away from standards based approaches, and drive more informed conversations around provision. It will also allow us all to prioritise expenditure in order to achieve the best outcomes for residents and secure urban places where people can thrive outdoors, for generations to come. Come and see us to find out more.