SP Energy Networks -  F4

SP Energy Networks is partnering with EA Technology, SGS and PTV to deliver CHARGE - which will, for the first time, merge transport and electricity network planning to create an over-arching map of where EV charge points will be required and where they can be best accommodated by the electricity grid.

Despite EV charging taking place at home and in the work place, there will still be a need for on-street and public charge points. These charge points may be required by those who do not have a driveway – e.g. those who live in flats, apartments or terraced houses. Charging facilities are likely to also be required at public destinations such as leisure and shopping centres, tourist attractions, or filling station forecourts.

CHARGE will allow a better understanding of the network impact of different types of charge point, taking into account location, the hardware installed, use patterns and whether flexible connection arrangements can be used.