A1 Magway

Magway” is a sustainable zero-emissions solution for transporting goods through pipelines.  It addresses the increased volume of parcel deliveries, from the rapid growth in e-commerce and the resulting impact of heavy and light goods vehicles (HGV/LGVs) on the environment and an inadequate road infrastructure.   Other applications include movement of goods into and around airports as well as across large manufacturing sites.  Magway award winning solution was named as a finalist in Heathrow's Innovation competition and New Civil Engineering "Visionary Airport" competition.

Combining a novel application of tried and tested technology and its own patented intellectual property, Magway has the potential to address these challenges and revolutionise e-commerce logistics. 

It has raised seed financing and also won Innovate UK grant funding with consortium partners including Ocado and Old Oak & Park Royal Development Corporation.  It  has extensive engagement across central and local government as well as within numerous large commercial organisations. The solution utilises small-diameter (0.9m) HDPE tubes similar to those currently used by major utility (gas, water, electricity) companies with linear motors transporting the goods internally.  This diameter pipe can accommodate all of the on-line grocery delivery market and over 90% of the broken parcel deliveries coming out of UK distribution centres.  As such Magway is low impact, has relatively low capital investment and substantially lower operating costs than the current modes of transport being used ie HGVs on roads.  

Magway is a high impact solution to improve air quality and congestion and is UK innovation at its best.