Xalgorithms Foundation

Xalgorithms Foundation is a new not-for-profit corporation dedicated to enabling one relatively simple improvement to commerce, with enormous potential effect. It designs, programs and maintains the specifications and software components that make it practical and cheap for computational algorithms to be published to, and fetched from the Internet in a standard, efficient, fexible way. This so-called "Internet of Rules" will be available to support any transaction, hosted on any platform, to the requirements of any jurisdiction, and it's all licensed 100% free/libre/open.

The foundation is set up to operate through Xalgorithms Alliance, an association of member organizations and individuals that collaborate on applied projects through Working Groups. Participating organizations may be commercial, governmental or civil society entities, profit-oriented or not-for-profit. Each Xalgorithms Working Group makes use of Xalgorithms specifications and components to achieve practical purposes of the members. For example Xalgo4Trade is automating sections of international trade agreements; Xalgo4Price will simplify price adjustment clauses in contracts; MyPayChecker will help employees validate their compensation.

The RPP⮂ PPR Working Group (“Rail-Powered Property ⮂ Property-Powered Rail”) is dedicated to creating a new way to commercially finance metropolitan-scale passenger rail. Its first genuine project is being pursued in Canada's National Capital Region (over a dozen municipalities including Ottawa Ontario and Outaouais Quebec). A group of companies called "MOOSE Consortium" (Mobility Ottawa-Outaouais: Systems & Enterprises) will use this market-driven approach to complement several individual municipal transit services and the inter-city system