Alan Nettleton Senior Technologist Transport Systems Catapult

Alan Nettleton

Senior Technologist
Transport Systems Catapult

Alan is a registered Transport Planning Professional and Chartered Engineer who prior to joining the Transport Systems Catapult worked for private transport consultancies for over 10 years. 

He has undertaken considerable research and stakeholder consultation in the field of automated vehicles. He is particularly interested in how best to capture the benefits of automated vehicles, and the extent of infrastructure adaptation that will be necessary to support their deployment.

Alan has extensive experience working on the transport implications of new developments and on the design and appraisal of new public transport and bus rapid transit schemes in the UK and internationally. 

He is proficient in the design and modelling of new highway infrastructure, data collection and analysis and stakeholder engagement. Alan is also experienced in the ‘softer aspects’ of encouraging modal shift, such as personalised travel planning. 

Alan is passionate about the role new technology could play in transforming our way of life and the potential benefits in terms of reducing road casualties, improving the mobility of the most vulnerable members of our society and huge economic opportunities.