DCBL (Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd)

Stand 9

DCBL is the UK’s fastest growing High Court enforcement company. The board of directors, including an authorised High Court Enforcement Officer, collectively have over 60 years’ worth of expert experience within the debt recovery, High Court enforcement, commercial rent recovery and car park fine recovery sectors. 

All our services are fully showcased on the Channel 5 series ‘Can’t Pay? We’ll Take it Away!’, exclusively featuring DCBL agents carrying out their day-to-day work collecting outstanding debt and repossessing property on behalf of their clients. The series is currently airing Season 5 and stands at over 70 episodes to date

All our letters, processes and charges are BPA and IPC approved. In our collection letters we advise that the case has been given to Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited for collection. 

Our parking charge collection rate is 25% higher than our competitors. This is partly due to our unique brand awareness created by media exposure from our participation in the Channel 5 series ‘Can’t Pay? We’ll Take it Away!’