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Smartphone ticketing application and back office processing solution

Since 2001, StarTraq has been providing back office processing software to 50% of the UK police forces to process their speeding and red-light offences. StarTraq supply robust software solutions that provide complete control over the offence processing life cycle.

The Dynamic Offence Management and Enforcement (DOME) solution from StarTraq is a fully cloud-based ticket processing solution that can manage all types of offences including parking, bus lanes, littering, dog fouling and fly tipping. All documentation is stored electronically and the system can track and report on the progress of a ticket from initial capture through to appeals and court if necessary.

TRAQER is a brand-new smartphone ticketing application which has been designed using the latest mobile technology to allow civil enforcement officers to capture, upload and print a ticket from any location. TRAQER works on Android, Windows and iOS and it is ideal for capturing all the offence information including: offender details, statements, images and geo location data. 

Using TRAQER and DOME, councils can electronically issue fixed penalty notices (FPNs) for any offence. FPNs are issued by an officer using a smartphone app and a portable Bluetooth printer. The offence details are immediately uploaded to the back office and payments can be made by the offender online as soon as the FPN has been issued.

Ultimately, the main benefits of choosing the StarTraq are quantifiable operational efficiencies driven by automation and versatility. 

For more information, please contact: Richard Talbott, Head of Marketing, via email 

, or tel: 01295 273000