Clearview Intelligence

Aimless circling, queuing traffic and frustrated drivers searching for spaces; is this a familiar scene in your car park? If so it’s time to have a conversation with Clearview Intelligence and find out how our range of solutions can help optimise your parking facilities.

Whether it’s global in-and-out counts, zonal monitoring or individual bay sensors all linked to guidance signage Clearview can tailor a solution to your specific needs.

As an operator, you need to understand how your car park is being used whilst drivers want to know if spaces are available, and where. Our Insight Parking data platform can provide you with real time, highly visual information of how your car park is operating. Whether it’s peak times, average stays or popular spaces, you can use this information to assist with measures including capacity monitoring, enforcement or charging periods. The platform can also be used to inform drivers through VMS (Vehicle Message Signs) to advise of availability and guide them to vacant spaces.

At Clearview we understand the benefits of effective car parking operations and the pitfalls a lack of management knowledge can bring. It’s a choice between smooth traffic flow or congestion; punctual staff or frustrated latecomers and the decision to return or not.

Let us help you reap the benefits; visit us at Parking and Property or visit our website at