LGM Products Ltd

LGM Products Ltd 

LGM Products is a British, family-run business with over 30 years experience in providing fire detection and safety solutions.
Our market-leading Signaline range of linear detection systems provides solutions for fire and water leak detection.
Signaline linear detectors are 100% manufactured in the UK and have a wide range of third party approvals from both international organisations and local bodies – a testament to the high quality of the products.

Signaline is the ideal solution for fast and efficient fire detection within car parks. Signaline linear heat detection cables are designed to be used in commercial and industrial fire detection systems. Our cables detect heat anywhere along their length and are compatible with both addressable and conventional systems. Within the range, our Signaline HD cable is approved to EN54 standards for commercial fire systems.

As well as continuous detection, our cables come with a range of coatings making them weatherproof, UV and chemical resistant. This makes them ideal for environmentally challenging applications such as those found in car parks.

Signaline linear heat detection is also a plug and play system, meaning installation time is reduced compared to alternative fire detection methods.

For more information on the Signaline range please visit: www.signaline.com