London Cycling Show 2015 Conference Programme

Please note that the programme is under development and subject to change.


Breakfast Briefing: Mini-Holland Presentations 

Presentations from:

Katharina Kroeger & Joanne Fricker, Principal Borough Cycling Programme Officers, Transport For London 

Chris Harrison, Mini-Holland Client Manager, London Borough of Waltham Forest 

Julian Sindall, Programme Manager Mini Holland Project, Royal Borough of Kingston

Liam Mulrooney, Group Leader Traffic, Road Safety & Parking, London Borough of Enfield 

Arrive early for breakfast. 


Delegate Registration Opens

Tea and Coffee are served in the main assembly hall exhibition area.


Welcome to Waltham Forest - Mini Holland Borough
Cllr Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader Waltham Forest Council


International Lessons for London

Chaired by: Roger Hawkins MDAG 

Lessons from Holland
Erik Tetteroo, Dutch Cycling Embassy

Lessons from Denmark
Klaus Bondam, former Mayor of Copenhagen

Lessons from Sweden
Lars Strömgren, Vice President, ECF


Morning Break

Tea & Coffee Served in the main Assembly Hall Registration Area


Keynote Session

Chaired by: Cllr Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader of Waltham Forest Council

Vision for Waltham Forest's Mini-Holland
Cllr Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader of Waltham Forest Council

Delivering the Cycling Vision
Lilli Matson, Head of Strategy and Outcome Planning, Transport for London

Space for Cycling
Ashok Sinha, Chief Executive, London Cycling Campaign

International evidence assessment - cycling infrastructure that women, older people, and children need
Rachel Aldred, Senior Lecturer in Transport, University of Westminster

Bike Boom - How to make it bigger
Carlton Reid, Editor, Bike Biz


Open Discussion



Selection of sandwiches and refreshments served in the main exhibition area


Streamed Sessions

Delegates choose from 1 of 5

1. Effective Infrastruture - Networks, junctions and hubs

Chaired by: Pat McCarthy, Managing Director, Cyclepods  

Designing Lea Bridge Road and Whipps Cross Roundabout
Sean McKenzie, Project Centre on behalf of Waltham Forest Council​ 

The best cycling designs being delivered as part of the Mayor’s Vision for Cycling
Brian Deegan, Principal, Technical Specialist, TfL

Southwark’s Cycling Strategy – identifying a new cycle network
Simon Phillips,Team Leader, Transport Policy, London Borough of Southwark & Mark Strong, Managing Consultant, Transport Initiatives 

Developing Cycle Parking in Waltham Forest
Jon Little, Complementary Measures Manager, Waltham Forest Council Jeremy Green Managing Director, Falco 

The East West - North South Cycle Superhighways
Jason Wilton, Senior Design Manager, TfL and Helen Adlington, Design Manager, TfL 

2. Safer Sustainable Freight

Few issues are more pertinent to increasing cycling on London's streets than increasing the safety of how freight is moved around the capital.

This session will look at how freight trips can be re-routed, safer on board technlogy for trucks and how cycle logitisics can play a role in reducing truck movements.

Speakers to include:

Construction logistics navigating based on vulnerable routing model avoiding left turns
Freddie Talberg, CEO, Pie Mapping

FORS in London
Peter Binham, Freight and Fleet Project Manager, TfL

Cycle Logistics in London - the challenges and opportunities
Alix Stredwick, Carry Me Bikes 

Delivered by bike! Cycle logistics for more liveable cities 
Paul Davison, Principal Consultant, AECOM & Richard Armitage, Co-Director, Cycle Waggle Ltd

Improving the safety cyclists around heavy vehicles 
Richard Barter, New Zealand Cycling Advocates Network  

3. Marketing & Behaviour Change

'What should we build, where should we build it, and for whom?' are questions that the marketing and behaviour change discipline can help answer.

This session speakers will include: 

Walk, Cycle, Enjoy - branding and promotion of Mini-Holland Programme
Catherine Holland, Communications Officer - Mini-Holland, London Borough of Walthamstow

Survey of UK views on cycling
Alan Tapp, Professor of Marketing, Bristol Business School, University of the West of England

TfL Cycling Workplaces Programme
Eleni Harlan, Travel Behaviour Change Specialist, Transport for London & Lydia Ashman, Education Project Manager, Bow Arts Trust

Haringey's Award Winning Smarter Travel programme
Denise Adolphe, Smarter Travel Manager, London Borough of Haringey

Enfield's Mini Holland Programme changing behaviour
Rachel Buck, Senior Travel Awareness Officer, London Borough of Enfield


4. Inclusive Cycling

In Holland over 50% of the cycle trips are made by Women, and perhaps this is a barometer to how cycle friendly a place really is. Children, families and the disabled are also under-represented when it comes to cycling. When designing filtered permeablity engineers should also consider the width of a wheelchair or a cargo bike for kids.

Chaired by: Rachel Aldred

Speakers will include:

Making cycling Equal: a new approach to planning
Rachel Aldred, Senior Lecturer in Transport, Westminster University

Disabled cycling - planning for wider vehicles on the cycle network
Isabelle Clement, Director, Wheels for Well-being

Normalising cycling
Helen Fallong, Principal Strategy Planner, Cycling Team, TfL

Cycling with children in London
Ruth-Anna McQueen, Family Cycling UK / Kidical Mass London

5. Cycle visit to infrastructure in Waltham Forest

This site visit will visit some of the planned and already installed cycle infrastruture as part of Waltham Forest's Mini-Holland programme. The tour will be on bike, bikes are available for hire but due to group safety, places are limited. 


Afternoon Break

Tea and Coffee served in the exhibition area


Streamed Sessions

Delegates choose from 1 of 4

1. Space for Cycling

5 x Speed Learning / Roundtable sessions

Chaired by London Cycling Campaign

Roundtables will include:

1. Planning and trialling space for cycling
A presentation on the bid development and trials of the road closures in Waltham Forest, and learnings from them.
Jon Little, Complementary Measures Manager, Waltham Forest Council

2. Winning hearts and minds on space for cycling
Promoting the mini-Holland to residents and businesses
Simon Munk/Paul Gasson, Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign 

3. Why Waltham Forest's mini-Holland will create great space for cycling
What Waltham Forest's plans will deliver - introducing the Cycling Level of Service assessment tool
Brian Deegan, Transport for London

4. Creating joined up journeys 
How cycle parking can be provided at railway stations to create better access to public transport and make integrated transport a reality.
John Dietz, Abellio & Royal HaskoningDHV

5. The forgiving bicycle path research project
A research project being undertaken in the Netherlands to improve the design of future cycling facilities & How it could influence a future London Cycle Design Guide?
Peter Siemensma, Transport Planner, Royal HaskoningDHV

6. Designing for all cyclists (TBC)
TfL's approach to designing inclusive cycling infrastructure that is safe for all.
Korak Van Tuyl and John Worley, Design Managers, Outcomes Delivery, Transport for London (invited)

2. Cycling Innovation - models, maps apps and signals

Traditional transport models have struggled with accurrately modelling cycling, but with so much investment in new designs there is a need for an understanding of what works. This session will cover data collection, modelling and mapping. 

Speakers in this session include:

Chair: Daniel Kofler, Bike Citizens

Data, App & Web Technology for Cycling in the UK
Daniel Kofler, CEO, Bike Citizens

Clever planning tools for cycling
Yaron Hollander, Policy Appraisal and Sub-Regional Modelling Manager

Sentiment mapping - perception analysis
David Janner-Klausner, Director of Buisness Development, Commonplace

Low Level Signals Trial
Jack Pulker, Principal Traffic Control Engineer Traffic Infrastructure Asset Management Directorate. TfL & Sam Oswald, Graduate Engineer, AECOM

Cycling and Traffic Modelling - What are the issues? 
Philip Loy, Senior Engineer & Cycling Consultant, Project Centre

3. Cycle-friendly places - Urban Design Seminar

Chaired by Kevin Donnelly, Deputy Managing Director, Project Centre

Better places to live and work, are invariably also better for walking and cycling. This session deals with the best practice in placemaking and speakers will include:

Integration of cycling into public realm schemes
David Moore, Technical Director, Project Centre

Rebalancing the street - Lea bridge road / Walthamstow Villages case studies
Ulrike Steven, Director, What If Projects

The best looking cycling schemes in the world
Peter Murray, Hon FRIBA FRSA AoU, Chairman, New London Architecture 

Cycling as part of wider street improvements - The village approach
Chris Harrison, Mini-Holland Client Manager, Waltham Forest Council


4. Site Visit: Cycle trip to bike hubs

Visit several of the Waltham Forest cycle super hubs with secure parking at rail stations, leisure centres and town centres. This tour will be by bicycle, limited number of bikes are available. It will finish at Walthamstow Central station


Conference Close


Informal networking drinks at local venue

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