F2 - Living Streets

Living Streets is the UK's charity for everyday walking. It was founded in 1929, now comprised of 22,000 members Nationwide. Our mission is to get people of all generations enjoying the benefits that this simple act 

brings and to ensure all our streets are fit for walking. We engage with Local Authorities to make the case for safer streets, enabling those from all backgrounds to use them, free from danger and the anxiety it 

brings. In Haringey we are lobbying for Liveable Neighbourhoods, Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, School Streets, policies that deliver Vision Zero, a reduction in car use (much of the traffic here is through traffic originating and ending outside Haringey), and to support the change in culture at the Council to recognise the importance of enabling active travel. As in many parts of London, low income and BAME groups in 

Haringey suffer more from the effects of pollution and are more likely to be involved in a serious traffic accident as a pedestrian. We aim to change this.