AppyParking is way more than just another parking app. We’re the next generation traffic order management and connected car platform that bridges the gap between big data, high definition mapping, IoT (real-time sensors, connected car) and payments.

The Parking Platform™ provides a digital infrastructure layer over the existing road network to offer a Platform as a Service for local governments and car park operators to manage their kerbside and assets. DaaS is then licensed to vehicle OEM's, connected car companies and B2C consumers in the form of a marketplace. Our agnostic approach offers a holistic and scalable connected car and Smart City solution. In the short term AppyParking dramatically saves cities from congestion and pollution and saves drivers’ time, money and increases productivity.  

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is set to be worth £900bn by 2025. For this to reach its full potential parking needs to be made completely forgettable and frictionless. One Click Parking™ is our flagship frictionless pay-as-you-go payment solution that reduces parking times from 20 mins to 30 seconds.