E4 - Rediweld

Rediweld Traffic Products

Rediweld has been offering an extensive range of Road Safety Products over 26 years, but for the last 4 years evolved into a new market for cycle safety. These products include the series of Cycle Lane Separators which has been made possible through in depth research and development.

Rediweld has also worked with many local authorities around the UK which include all the Mini Holland Boroughs for many schemes; however from these projects it soon became apparent that not one product would be suitable for every location. In terms of design quality, we know that the appearance and aesthetics of our products are important to our customers. This is enhanced by the use of cast iron moulds that give a soft, organic surface finish. Also we offer a granite colour which is suited to sensitive/heritage locations.

At The Liveable Neighbourhoods Conference Rediweld will be stepping into the world of VR offering visitors a chance to feel what it feels like to be a cyclist with light segregation. These products include Orca’s, WandOrca’s, Jislon Pole Cones and Splitter islands.

Cycling with moderate to heavy traffic conditions with these types of products does give you more confidence and protection that you and other cyclists can enjoy without feeling vulnerable.

From the schemes that have been introduced local authorities have seen an increase of users from all ages sharing these routes, which if we can help reduce the number of vehicle journeys, this in turn can reduce air (NO2, CO & PM) and noise pollution.

This makes it both a transferable asset and a ‘future proof’ product, for a global market.

These Orca cycle lane products compliment the other products that Rediweld offers including Traficop Speed Cushions, RediKerb Surface Kerbing, RediPave Splitter and islands, Jislon Pole Cones and Inclusive mobility products.

So come and see us on Stand E4 for our latest information and VR experience!