E2 - The Glasgow City Region Deal

The Glasgow City Region City Deal is an agreement between the UK Government, the Scottish Government and the eight local authorities that make up the city region. It is the biggest of its kind in the UK, through which £1.13 billion investment is being used to fund major infrastructural projects, improve transport and connectivity, and stimulate inclusive growth.

Through the City Deal, Glasgow City Council is delivering a £400 million programme of projects to support the delivery of a city that is resilient, sustainable and fit for the future.

Our programme will see the upgrading and regeneration of large areas of Glasgow including: the city centre; the canal and north Glasgow area; Collegelands, Carlton and the Barras; and the Clyde waterfront and west end of the city. We are also delivering a portfolio of projects through the Metropolitan Glasgow Strategic Drainage Partnership to address flood risk, ensure that the drainage network can cope with a changing climate, and support modern development requirements. 

The delivery of the City Deal is part of Glasgow’s remarkable story of urban renewal and transformation. At the heart of the programme is the notion of quality place-making – which means putting the needs and behaviours of our people at the centre of design. We know that by making Glasgow a better place to walk, cycle and spend time that we can improve the economic capacity and health outcomes that are associated with truly world-class cities.