D1 - Mobycon


Mobycon are an independent consultancy firm based in the Netherlands. Our interdisciplinary team of urban designers, planners, economists and social scientists are well versed in applying Dutch transport expertise around the world. What unites this diverse group? A shared goal of making societies less dependent on motorised vehicles: "The car when needed, alternatives where possible.” With this goal in mind, we work to create sustainable transport solutions on a case by case basis. Each street has its own unique history, makeup and character - one size does not fit all. 

Dutch approach 

As a Dutch company, our approach to transport is grounded in a thinking that prioritises cycling and walking. This logic creates safe, sustainable and liveable communities that are equipped for all who wish to use them. Many around the world now look to the bicycle as a solution to some of the issues facing urban areas. We hope that our knowledge and expertise can help others utilise this old invention - with its two-wheels and handlebars – to address new challenges.