Eduardo is responsible for overseeing the integration of the LEGION product line, which includes Model Builder and Simulator with OpenBuildings Station Designer, as well as Accounts and User Advancement processes into Bentley’s Design Engineering team. 
Eduardo joins Bentley Systems with significant international experience spanning across multiple countries. For the past 12 years, he has worked in Business Development and Operations, taking senior roles in the rail industry with DEG Signal (Ramboll) on London Underground signaling projects and Latin America’s largest railway operator (Rumo), before joining LEGION’s senior management team. 
With a passion and drive for growth, Eduardo works with users globally to ensure that LEGION and OpenBuildings Station Designer are effectively deployed, supporting projects all the way from planning up to operation phases and enabling safer, cheaper and better infrastructure for all. Eduardo has been to over 100 countries and advocated for LEGION in over 30 of these around the World.