Aruna Sivakumar is a senior lecturer in travel behaviour and demand modelling at the Centre for Transport Studies, Imperial College London. She is executive director of the Urban Systems Laboratory, and leads several smart city initiatives. Her expertise lies in the mathematical and statistical modelling of behaviour and demand, and is one of the very few academics in the UK who combines expertise in micro-econometric demand modelling techniques with integrated urban systems modelling methods. As PI, she has attracted transport research funding worth £1.2m over the last 5 years from national and international sources such as EPSRC, ESRC, Shell Inc in the UK, and SMRT Singapore. Over a career spanning 15+ years Aruna has published more than 40 peer reviewed journal papers, made over a 100 conference presentations, and published several book chapters. Her research on activity based microsimulation models of urban activity and mobility patterns is internationally renowned.