Elgin is the home of roadworks.org – the local and national communications hub for live and planned roadworks, road closures and traffic disruptions.

Elgin started life as a Jacobs Engineering e-Government project in 2004, dedicated to fulfilling the requirements of the 2004 Traffic Management Act and creating a comprehensive roadworks map.

By 2010 coverage had extended across a small portion of England. Central government felt unable to support the investment needed to complete the national picture and fulfil the wider vision of a traffic disruptions hub.

In 2011 Elgin re-launched following a buy-out, led by Shane O’Neill and James Harris. Since then the roadworks.org platform has expanded not just in terms of coverage, but also in its scope and vision. roadworks.org has achieved national coverage (England and Wales) and has become a core part of the national data infrastructure and is one of the best examples of cost saving across local government using a shared service. 

Elgin, through roadworks.org, is dedicated to improving traffic conditions and traffic flow. We enable Highway Authorities, utility companies and works contractors to plan, manage and communicate better, helping the economy to grow and improving the daily lives of the travelling public.