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FREEBIKE is the most technologically advanced dockless electric bike in the world.  

A user can rent it in 2 seconds using an app or contactless card, a speed and flexibility found nowhere else. This also allows seamless integration with a city’s transport system. Its pinpoint accuracy GPS allows cities unrivalled control to define where it may or may not be ridden or parked. It can be tracked and stopped in real time. 

With its electric assist motor, the Freebike can go up to 15mph but the technology allows this to be capped at different speeds, in different areas and even at different times of day. The battery has a huge range of 120km and will be changed every 3 to 5 days, meaning the bike will be visited and serviced regularly. However it’s motion sensors will send out an alert for immediate action if it falls over or is in an accident.

Freebike is being launched by Homeport which has 16 pedal bike sharing systems in UK, France, Poland, Czech and Saudi and 5 ebike schemes in Czech, Slovakia, Canada, Finland and London. Our team has deep experience of creating robust bikesharing software and a wealth of experience in developing hardware that is fit to stay outside 24/365.

Dockless electric bike sharing will dramatically change city transport. It is the quickest way to travel up to 6 miles without breaking a sweat, it’s environmentally positive, it attracts a wider demographic than traditional schemes and most importantly, it makes travelling fun.