B1 - Mobycon

For decades, one country has managed to set the global standard when it comes to safe, innovative and sustainable mobility solutions: the Netherlands.

At Mobycon, we have lived and breathed, designed and improved Dutch mobility for more than three decades. The Dutch approach is in our DNA.

The mission of Mobycon has been clear from the get-go: To develop and implement mobility solutions that improve the lives and safety of all road-users – not just the car.

We are proud to work with our clients and partners around the world to inspire, support and innovate using Dutch-inspired approaches. We know that each and every city, street and intersection are unique and require a thoughtful, customized approach.

Every single day, our dedicated team members intuitively transcend time zones and national borders to develop, discuss and collaborate on projects that meet and exceed the needs of our cherished clients.

Projects that, in short, define the future of mobility.