A3 - Rosehill Highways

Encouraging greater cycle use through innovative products and schemes can transform and revitalise neighbourhoods beyond recognition, reducing motor vehicle use and inspiring residents to adopt healthier modes of travel.

Cycle lane segregation is paramount to making sure that cyclists of all abilities feel safe and protected from motor vehicles, allowing them to maintain a good level of continuous and confident riding.

Rosehill Highways is a market leading manufacturer of surface mounted engineered rubber cycle scheme solutions and traffic calming products.

Our innovative cycle delineation product range has been specifically designed to provide a clearly visible, physical method of separation that is quick and easy to fix directly to the road surface. By eliminating expensive excavation our customers are able to achieve significant cost savings, while minimising disruption to traffic flow.

Manufactured from 100% recycled tyre rubber, our tough and durable cycle lane delineators are designed to be installed in standalone, broken or continuous configurations and come with a wide range of reflectivity options.

Used in a range of cycle schemes across the UK our cycle lane delineators give you the design flexibility to achieve your objectives, while minimising disruption and cost.

Come and see us on our stand where we’ll be displaying our Cycle Lane Defender and Lane Separator. We’ll be able to show you how quick and easy they are to install and demonstrate the benefits that can be achieved from adopting our products.

To arrange an appointment at the exhibition contact Clare Riley -