G2 - Yellowbike Clamp-IT

4,500 bicycles are stolen each day in England and Wales – 80% of which are locked when stolen.  Clearly, theft prevention is ineffective. Cycling take-up needs rider confidence in the security of their bike; this demands a very visible step change in capability. Carrying heavy, expensive locks, searching for locking locations and an absence of continuous monitoring drives down both confidence and convenience.

Clamp-IT addresses this in a revolutionary way.  A network of internet-connected units provides certainty of security with central monitoring. Robust lock design allows free insurance. IoT technology drives reliability and provides personalised services and data.  Solar power ensures sustainability, simple installation and the reuse of existing street furniture for rapid roll-out.  

Clamp-IT is visibly different, confidence-inspiring and convenient. There is no need to carry an ineffective lock, no worry about availability of infrastructure and no sense of abandoning security to chance. Full security accreditation is in progress and the initial installation at St George’s Hospital Tooting is operating. Installations are in plan targeting high-use locations - railway stations, university campuses, hospitals, businesses and city centres. 

Clamp-IT will be available to sponsors as a managed package including installation/maintenance in early 2020 enabling a service which will be free to the cyclist.